‘Gold Rush: White Water’: James Digs Himself a Hole in Tense Teaser From Upcoming Episode

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, Gold Rush: White Water shared a teaser clip of Friday’s upcoming episode, and once again, one of the crew members looks to be in danger.

It seems like the Dakota Boys mining crew face a life-threatening issue almost every episode. Gold mining is already dangerous enough, but add the raging waters of McKinley Creek and it’s a whole new ballgame. Fred and Dustin Hurt’s team found rich ground high up in Alaska’s Chilkat Mountains. Yet traversing the area’s terrain and the water itself to find gold is a daily challenge.

Recently, the Gold Rush: White Waters crew found the sidewalls of the ancient plunge pool of McKinley Creek. They’re trying to get through a layer of gravel to the bedrock steps in hopes of finding a “monster pile of gold.” Crew member James has spent two hours underwater and has dredged four feet down. He’s made good progress, but then something happens. James loses his communication with mining boss Dustin. Things intensify as the crew is visibly worried about James during his dive.

Of course, that’s where the teaser clip ends. You’ll have to tune in to the newest episode of Gold Rush: White Water later tonight on Discovery and Discovery Plus.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Boss Goes For a Dive On His 78th Birthday

James isn’t the only crew member who risked his life recently during a dangerous dive. Dustin’s dad and owner of their mining business, Fred Hurt, recently rejoined the crew to take a dive of his own. In fact, he took the daring dive on his 78th birthday.

Season 5 of Gold Rush: White Water is well underway and one noticeable difference has been the absence of Fred. He’s taken a backseat in their operation and let his son run things instead this season. However, he returned to lend a helping hand to celebrate his 2021 birthday in last week’s episode.

“It looks like today, looks like I’m turning 78, that’s one thing,” Fred said with a laugh during a clip from the newest episode. “One hell of a day. Not many 78 year olds go out and celebrate by going diving… in a raging creek, looking for gold. I do.”

Fred has more than 20 years of experience diving underwater for gold. He’s been mostly absent this season, but, he’s back to tackle what their crew calls “the Widowmaker.” The huge boulder in the middle of the creek is still hanging over their dive site. The Gold Rush: White Water team has been unsuccessful in breaking it up so far. So now, Fred is going to take a look himself.

What seems to be going smoothly eventually takes a stark turn. Fred’s diving equipment is having issues with the hot water system overheating. If they don’t fix the issue, it could send scalding steam into Fred’s suit. The mining crew thankfully recognizes the problem and gets Fred out of the water quickly. Check out the full scene below.