‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Kayla Johanson Reveals What ‘Terrified’ Her About Joining Show

by Chase Thomas

Gold Rush: White Water’s Kayla Johanson has been an excellent addition to the Discovery channel show. However, she recently revealed to Pop Culture what “terrified” her about joining the cast, and it may not be for what you might think.

What we mean is that the show is inherently dangerous, the Alaskan creeks that the team pines for gold for, were risking your life is part of the deal. It’s a dangerous, scary job to be sure.

However, that’s not what scared Kayla Johanson. No, as she tells it, “At the beginning, I was extremely camera shy – the cameras terrified me.” It wasn’t the actual work, it was simply being in front of a camera for Johanson. Similar to stage fright, she was camera shy. However, that is part of the deal when you agree to come on the show, even if you are there to do a dangerous job like pine for gold in dangerous areas.

She continued, “I was not having to communicate with anyone because if it needed to get done, I’m the one doing it.” And that was that.

Johanson Did Not Know Much About The Show

Johanson did not have to join the show. Prior to being called to join the program, she was successful working on her own. Even better, she got to be her own boss as she dredged for gold.

Kayla Johanson wasn’t even familiar with the program, as she said, “I’d heard of [Gold Rush], but I hadn’t really watched it much.” She went in mostly blind. It was not as though the show meant a lot to her and she always wanted to find her way onto the show. As she tells it, she was successful on her own and she got to be her own boss, which that kind of autonomy is hard to give up. For anybody.

She continued, “When [Hurt] called me, I was kind of on the fence about doing it at first because I had my own dredging operation going.” It was not a sure thing that she would join the second team and the show. Like we mentioned, she had a good dredging operation going herself. It was not necessary to add to it. Still, she became a crew boss relatively quickly, which reportedly ruffled some feathers, but they moved past it. She said, “When I first got there, there was a lot of doubt.”

She had to prove to herself that she belonged. Kayla Johanson is not a big human, so folks were skeptical she could pull it off. “A lot of the guys there – I’m pretty small. I only weigh like 115 lbs., so when people see me, they think, ‘Oh my god, how is she even going to do this?'” However, she pulled it off and is now a star on the program.