‘Gold Rush: White Water’: Some ‘Big Decisions’ Are Going Down in Tonight’s Episode, Watch Preview

by Amy Myers

In tonight’s episode of Gold Rush: White Water, Fred and Dustin Hurt will take to the skies to find new land to mine. Earlier this season, Fred broke the news to his son/business partner that he wouldn’t be a part of the mining efforts on McKinley Creek. Instead, Dustin would be in charge of the teams, while Fred searched for new places to stake the family name. And while the idea was certainly ambitious, the Hurt men were certain that they could make it work.

But, as always, their efforts gave way to some new obstacles and problems to solve. Without his father at his side, though, Dustin might not have the leadership needed to keep all of the crew members in line, especially now that they are deploying two dredges and two teams at once. It’s a lot of pressure for everyone involved, but if successful, they could potentially double their profits from last season.

Check out the clip of Gold Rush: White Water to find out just what awaits fans in tonight’s episode.

At first, in the preview, everything seems to be going well. The Gold Rush: White Water father-son duo are scouting for new territory in a helicopter, reminiscing about their successes thus far. Fred spots the area he has his eyes on and where experts believe holds the majority of the gold in the region. Fred shares that the territory could have more gold than his teams have ever uncovered. It’s just a matter of gaining access to its riches.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Faces Huge Obstacles with Team

Meanwhile, back at the edge of the water, Dustin struggles to keep his team in line. Understandably, he loses his cool when two crew members nearly drop a huge boulder on his $23,000 dredge. Later on, a new diver can’t seem to keep his head underwater on his first fast-water dive.

“I have never dealt with anything this violent in my life,” the crew member told his cohorts.

While one crew member fails to meet Dustin’s expectation, another one hopes to exceed them. During the clip, one of the Gold Rush: White Water star’s employees expresses his desire for more responsibility.

“I wanna do more,” he told Dustin Hurt. “I wanna be in charge of the second crew.”

While this would certainly help Dustin delegate the responsibilities, he doesn’t seem so sure that the crew member is up to the task.

Further in the preview, in a moment of reflection, Fred asks his son if the operation “going really smooth.”

Dustin’s response kind of sums up the sentiment of the season: “Hell no.”

But there is a silver (or should we say gold) lining. At the very end of the video, we see that the Gold Rush: White Water team has finally uncovered a promising amount of gold.