‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Dustin Hurt ‘Gambles His Future’ on Risky Strategy

by Chris Haney
(Photo by David Butow/Corbis via Getty Images)

On Friday’s newest episode of Gold Rush: White Water, mining boss Dustin Hurt “gambles his future” under dangerous conditions in Alaska.

During Season 5 of the Gold Rush spinoff, Dustin has taken over for his father, Fred Hurt. His dad is getting older and decided to let his son handle the family mining business this season. Although Fred is absent from the hit Discovery Channel series, the “Dakota Boys” mining crew has pressed on in the Chilkat Mountains.

The Gold Rush team is mining the white water rapids of McKinley Creek. Mining is already a tough business, but gold mining underwater adds a whole new set of risks to the job. In fact, conditions in McKinley Creek in the newest episode added an element of danger for the crew that couldn’t be ignored. Officials sent out flash flood warnings in the area, and the rising waters almost swept Dustin away.

In a preview clip from tonight’s brand new episode, Dustin is caught hanging off the side of a rock. The only thing connecting himself and crew member Carlos to land is a single wooden plank. “I’m freaking out a bit,” Dustin says to Carlos. “This water is outrageous… We gotta get out of here, man. That water is coming up.”

Additionally, new crew boss Kayla Johanson had to pull her divers out of the water before things got much worse. The flash flood is temporarily bringing the Gold Rush crew’s work to a screeching halt.

“It’s gotten way worse. We need to get the f**k out of here,” Kayla says to her team.

You’ll have to watch Gold Rush: White Water tonight to find out how Dustin’s crew handled the dangerous conditions. Tune in for a brand new episode on Discovery and Discovery Plus.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Addresses His Father’s Absence From the Show

Between weather conditions and traversing the Chilkat Mountain terrain itself, it’s been a tough season for Dustin Hurt’s crew. At times, Dustin feels like he’s battling Mother Nature to get the job done. There’s no simple or easy way to gold mine McKinley Creek. But at times, we’re sure Dustin would love to have his dad on-site for advice. 

Fred Hurt controlled the mining operation for years, but he took a backseat this year. Recently, Dustin opened up about his dad and shared why he finally took a step back from mining.

“I could tell you that Fred’s starting to get — he’s almost 80 years old, and I don’t think he’s gonna be as full-time as he usually is,” Hurt explained about his dad. “Getting up there in age just like anybody would.”

“Fred didn’t want to run a crew this year,” he added. “And it was a good benefit for me to have two groups out there. I think I made the right choice on that. We had some good people, and I don’t know how much I can tell you about that. But we did get some good people. And I think it worked out just fine, the way we made it happen.”