‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Dustin Hurt Remembers Moment When Crew Heroically Saved the Day

by Keeli Parkey

If you have ever watched an episode of “Gold Rush: White Water” you will be well aware that when Dustin Hurt goes to work, he does so under fairly difficult conditions. His job can be dangerous, but he is willing to take those risks to seek his fortune.

Most days, Hurt goes to work and things go smoothly and he returns home safely without an incident. However, there was one day when the reality television star almost died doing the job he loves.

Fortunately, for the “Gold Rush: White Water” star, his team came to his rescue and heroically saved the day. Hurt shared this story during a November 2021 interview with Looper. So what happened on this day that could have had a tragic ending?

According to Dustin Hurt, the day that could have been his last on earth took place during 2020. It was on this day that he said he “fell it onto a dredge and almost went over a 50 foot waterfall.”

That’s right. The “Gold Rush: White Water” star was very close to falling over a waterfall. Luckily, he works with some very good people. And they did what they had to do to make sure that Hurt lived to search for gold for yet another day.

What Dustin Hurt’s crew did was catch him with a safety line. It was a very close call. It also served as a reminder to the reality television star for why it is important to work with professionals who take safety at work seriously.

“And that’s when you need really good people to be on point when things like that go down,” Hurt said during the interview.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Dustin Hurt Said Dangerous Moments Bring His Team Closer Together

The incident where the “Gold Rush: White Water” star almost fell over a waterfall is just one of many close calls he has experienced. And, according to what Hurt also said, such scary moments happen more often than viewers are aware. In fact, he also said that such moments typically are not caught on camera.

“And there’s countless times that that type of thing has happened. They don’t always get it on film. But that type of thing happens more often than you would think,” Dustin Hurt also said.

While such moments are scary – and dangerous, don’t forget that – they serve as a reminder to these daring gold miners that they need one another to survive. Such moments also unit them as a team, according to Hurt.

“And we have to rely on each other to stay alive. It’s a big deal, and we do bond over this stuff because we’ve saved each other’s lives over and over and over again,” Dustin Hurt also explained.

“Gold Rush: White Water” airs on Discovery. It is a spinoff of the popular reality series “Gold Rush.”