‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Dustin Hurt Says He’s Never Watched the Show

by Amy Myers

Just as musicians don’t typically listen to their own albums on repeat, the Gold Rush: White Water stars aren’t ones to binge-watch their own show. Well, at least Dustin Hurt doesn’t. Hurt and his father Fred have a pretty good handle on the precious metal situation in the white water rapids of Alaska, so they don’t feel the need to learn from the game film. Instead, the star carries on as if the extra crews truly aren’t there.

Unfortunately, that does render the Gold Rush: White Water star blind of how the show represents him and his team. Recently, the star spoke with Looper to discuss how this might put him at a disadvantage when it comes to portraying the reality of the situation.

“So I’m at a disadvantage, because I’ve never watched the show ever, and I don’t I don’t know that I ever will,” the Gold Rush star told the publication. “I don’t know what they show anyone because I don’t watch the show, but I can tell you when the cameras around. I think they probably get 80, 90% of it, but it’s those clutch moments where things really go down. If they’re in transit or you know the cameras glitching or something of that nature. They can’t always follow us where we go because some of the places just too dangerous for camera.”

Of course, part of the popularity of Gold Rush: White Water comes from those extreme situations that either end in huge amounts of gold or huge amounts of hospital bills. Still, the mine boss has to think of the safety of his crew and the camera workers first.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Shares Why His Crew Is Able to Trust Him

Although the camera crews can’t always accompany the Gold Rush: White Water stars, they still make an effort to recapture the moment and how those actions affected the operation. That likely means a whole lot of reenactment shots and confessionals so that the show still covers every detail, even if it is in hindsight.

“Sometimes we have to absolutely leave them behind and grind through our thing and come back and explain what happens,” Hurt shared.

Hurt’s risk awareness, as well as his presence in those dangerous moments, is exactly why his crew trusts him so fervently.

“I would never have asked anybody to do something I would refuse to do out there and everyone knows that,” the Gold Rush: White Water star said. “I will show them that it’s possible before. And that’s why my guys trust me, because I will do all of it and show you how to excel at it. And if there’s any question I’ll do it again and again and again, until you’re comfortable doing this. That’s a big deal to me.”