‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Kayla Johanson Earns Her Crew’s Respect

by Jonathan Howard

A big decision was made on Gold Rush: White Water when Dustin made Kayla Johanson the new crew boss and earned her respect.

Dustin made his decision. And, his crew didn’t take too kindly to the decision to begin with. Mark and the crew were hesitant. Kayla needed to prove herself to the rest of the team. However, Kayla has the experience and has the level-headedness that is needed.

As the crew got ready to dive into the icy cold waters, Kayla started directing things. Mark went in and tripped to start. His new crew boss was right there to help. Then, things turned south as Mark started to get a little overwhelmed by the waters.

Check out the clip below and see for yourself. Safe to say, Kayla was the right choice.

Now, clearly, gender played a role in the hesitant reactions. Mining can be a boys club. After a slip up on the first go-around, she came back through and made up for it. Dustin needed to see results, and that is what Kayla gave him. Diving in those waters is dangerous and even deadly.

While Mark has experience diving in the Bering Sea, Gold Rush: White Water brings a totally different environment. Getting down under the water, working with your hands, and trying to mine creek waters isn’t something everyone can do. The diver was able to go for three hours. He even dove as deep as Dustin.

What this Gold Rush: White Water clip shows is that change is hard. When you have multiple potential leaders on a team, egos can run into conflict. However, Kayla made sure to prove herself the best way she knew how. Doing her job and doing it well.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’ and Fred Hurt’s Exit

There was a time when Fred Hurt was mining the waters of Alaska. However, Dustin has been on his own for some time. The two were once partners, diving into the icy waters and combating the rapids all in the search of a fortune.

This has been Dustin’s first season of Gold Rush: White Water on his own. Well, as the only boss. So, he has to have people that he can trust. That’s where Kayla comes in. Of course, he trusts the other members of his crew. But, having a calm and stable leader in charge of things helps put his mind at ease.

If he can have Kayla handing things above water, that means he can dive and get the work done to run the material and get to the gold. This season of Gold Rush: White Water continues as Kayla learns how to lead the crew. While she has proven herself early, there might be some crew members that are looking for a reason to question her authority. Hopefully, she keeps a calm head and perseveres.