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‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Kayla Johansen Opens Up About Her Side Hustle

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Gold Rush: White Water brings some exciting moments to fans of the popular Discovery Channel series, Gold Rush.

This spin-off series takes Gold Rush fans into some intense situations as they witness the miners as they do what they do best, all while battling all kinds of intense weather.

During their searches for the coveted element, the miners also battle some scary acts of nature such as rock slides, earthquakes, or even intensely cold temperatures.

So, with such a physically and exhausting job mining for gold, what does Gold Rush: White Water’s crew leader, Kayla Johansen, do to keep herself busy during her downtime? When she isn’t out battling the elements mining for her gold, Kayla can often be found working her side-hustle, making and selling her homemade jewelry.

During the mining season, the Gold Rush: White Water star spends her time looking for gold, of course. But she also enjoys seeking out other valuable finds such as quartz crystals or other minerals. And, more than likely, it is these finds that Kayla Johansen uses to construct her one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Johansen has even has her own Etsy page, The Peeking Doe on which customers can buy her jewelry.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’s Johansen Finds Her Passion

While jewelry making seems to be a fruitful side-hustle for Kayla Johansen, her greatest passion is always mining.

The Gold Rush: White Water star tells Distractify that her career as a gold miner is her “number one thing.” And, Johansen says, she has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“I’m just going to keep going until my body broke down and tells me it can’t do it anymore,” Kayla Johansen tells Distractify.

According to Johansen, she did run into some pushback when she initially took on a leadership role for this new series.

“A lot of guys just aren’t used to working under a woman,” Kayla Johansen explains. “Especially in this kind of a job.”

The Gold Rush: White Water leader goes on to say that while the beginning was rough, her team has since warmed up to her pretty well.

“I think at the end, they warmed up pretty good,” the team leader says. “But in the beginning, it was a bit rocky.”

It certainly does make Johansen’s job easier now that her team has warmed up to her being in the leadership role. However, the Gold Rush star says, she doesn’t feel the need to prove her abilities in the field.

“I’ve been mining for a while so I don’t really think I have to prove anything to myself,” Kayla Johansen explains. “I know what I can do.”