‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Kayla Johanson Reveals Most Nerve-Wracking Thing About Job

by Amy Myers

As we’ve seen on Gold Rush: White Water, there are huge risk factors on the river, and if the team members don’t have proper training, there could be fatal mistakes. This season, we’ve seen some major miscalculations that have also cost Dustin Hurt thousands of dollars and nearly caused serious injuries. New crew boss Kayla Johanson has been at the front lines of these operations, and oftentimes, her safety and wellbeing are in the hands of her co-workers.

Thankfully, though, the Gold Rush: White Water star doesn’t find the physical obstacles all that intimidating.

Check out some of these shots that capture just how daring Johanson can be on Gold Rush: White Water.

Or how about this one where she jumps off a huge fallen log and into the rapids without a rope or any safety gear attached, smiling the entire time.

Despite hanging from wires and plunging herself in freezing water on a regular basis, the most “nerve-wracking” part of her job has to do with the cameras.

“I was kind of nervous because I’m just used to working by myself or just with one other person most of the time. So it was just a lot to deal with all at once,” Johanson revealed to Distractify.

The ‘Gold Rush’ Star Doesn’t Let the Fear Define Her, Though

Although the Gold Rush: White Water star might have felt some jitters from the presence of the camera crew, she didn’t let this affect her performance on the job.

Johanson told Distractify that her worries are “definitely in the back of your mind” but she tries “not to live in fear.” She added, “I feel like you hold yourself back if you’re too scared of things.”

And in fact, she’s grown to love the presence of the cameras for moments like these.

Johanson’s Fans Are Behind Her Every Step of the Way

Meanwhile, fans have supported the Gold Rush: White Water star and her efforts on her Instagram page. With each new update about the show or her mining exploits comes a new wave of comments of appreciation and encouragement.

“Kayla, I SO admire you, your determination, and grit and your spunk, girl, you are awesome! I’ve never missed an episode since the show began and, with you now in it, it’s an even better production!” one fan wrote to her.

“Really enjoyed watching you lead the second crew! Keep up the great work!” wrote another.

“Amazing addition to the show! Smart, badass and gorgeous,” a third said.