‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Kayla Johanson Talks Getting Named Crew Boss

by Amy Myers

Adding a new member to a team is always going to be difficult, but when Kayla Johanson joined Gold Rush: White Water, no one expected her to rise to a leadership position quite so quickly. A miner since her teenage years, Johanson has had plenty of experience with dredging gold, but she had never worked with a team before, let alone a TV crew.

Naturally, the transition was a challenge for the former solo gold diver. And recently, the new Gold Rush: White Water star shared what the hardest part about becoming a crew boss was.

“A lot of guys just aren’t used to working under a woman, especially in this kind of a job,” Johanson told Distractify, adding, “But I think at the end, they warmed up pretty good — but in the beginning, it was a bit rocky.”

Of course, Johanson pushed through the initial difficulties of the job and came out successful.

Check out this shot of the Gold Rush: White Water star and her impressive pan of gold nuggets.

But Not All ‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Stars Were Happy About Johanson’s Promotion

As it turned out, fellow Gold Rush: White Water star Scott Allen wasn’t too happy about Johanson’s position at the head of their team. In fact, in a recent episode, Allen expressed that he believed that he should have been the team leader, instead, because of his past military experience.

Allen even challenged Johanson on the show, asking her if she’d ever led anyone through “life or death” situations. Of course, as we know, Johanson has only ever worked by herself until joining Gold Rush: White Water, but she wasn’t willing to let this discourage her from taking point.

Unfortunately, that same day, her team’s diver didn’t feel comfortable getting into the water, and many of Johanson’s subordinates blamed her for the incident.

Meanwhile, Fans Weren’t Thrilled About Allen and the Team’s Reaction to the New Leadership

In response to Allen’s confrontational attitude, fans gathered on Reddit to discuss how he compared to his fellow Gold Rush: White Water star. Most of the reactions seemed to echo what Johanson said struggled with most – leading a team of men. But instead of narrowing in on the potential gender issue, they commended Johanson’s calm and cool demeanor.

“Kayla has none of that ‘I’m tough and I have something to prove’ attitude,” one fan shared. “she’s just calm and focused and knows her stuff, which is refreshing to see after all the chest-thumping.”

Another user added, “A good leader knows how to take orders and has respect for those under them, scotty boy needs to learn respect, his petted lip is blinding him to the reality.”