‘Gold Rush: White Water’: Tempers Flare in Preview of New Episode

by Courtney Blackann

The spin off of the popular “God Rush” series “Gold Rush: White Water” is heating up in a new episode that will air tonight. The miners get into some deep water in the clear, cool river of the Alaskan wild as they hunt for treasure – but it doesn’t take long for tempers to rise.

Kayla Johanson is running a crew for the first time. Dustin Hurt entrusted her with the task after she showed promise. And lucky for her, she’s made the first break in striking gold. However, the miners have to swim beneath a treacherous river in order to find it. Her crew member Eric is in deep, using a hose to mine for those precious golden flakes.

But when Eric lets the nozzle of the hose come above the surface, he risks spraying gold flakes out the back end. Johanson tells him to be careful.

Below the water’s surface, Eric says he doesn’t need a lecture right now. That’s when another miner tells him to “shut up and do what he’s told.” This sets the gold digger off and he quickly throws off his gear and says he’s about had it.

“Gold Rush: White Water” Miner Loses Control

Obviously emotional and angry, Eric swims to the shore and asks why everyone has such a problem with the way he’s mining. He continues to throw off his gear and stomp away from the scene as the other crew members try to calm him down.

“Look, why are you trying to nitpick everything I’m fu**ing doing down in the water?” Eric continues once his gear is all off.

“We’ve just got to be extra careful,” Johanson says as she tells Eric to “come on over.”

It’s dangerous enough to mine on land as the “Gold Rush” stars deal with heavy machinery and rocky terrain. Under a raging river is an entirely different story. There are more risks and higher stakes. Luckily, Johanson knows better than to let an aggravated work get in the way of risking millions of dollars.

Despite her success, Johanson wasn’t too sure about joining the cast of “Gold Rush: White Water.” It wasn’t just that she was camera shy, she didn’t know how she’d feel about so much light shining on her from the popular Discovery program.

“When [Hurt] called me, I was kind of on the fence about doing it at first because I had my own dredging operation going.” It was not a sure thing that she would join the second team and the show. Like we mentioned, she had a good dredging operation going herself. It was not necessary to add to it. Still, she became a crew boss relatively quickly, which reportedly ruffled some feathers, but they moved past it. She said, “When I first got there, there was a lot of doubt.”