‘Golden Girls’ Icon Betty White ‘Never Lied’ About Her Age: Here’s Why

by Liz Holland

People around the world are still mourning the loss of American icon Betty White. White passed away last week on December 31st, just shy of her 100th birthday. 

White captured the hearts of many with her bubbly personality, on-screen and off. With one of the longest-running careers in television, the love for the actress stretches across multiple generations. White was not only an incredible actress, but also a hilarious comedian, passionate animal lover, and a relentlessly positive force. She made history with her advocacy for LGBTQ rights in the 80s, and with her refusal to play into systemic racism in the 50s. It’s no wonder the lovely lady was so respected by so many. 

In one of her last books, “If You Ask Me  (And Of Course You Won’t)” White talks about the pros and cons of aging and everything that comes with it. “It’s not a surprise, we knew it was coming — make the most of it,” she suggested. “So you may not be as fast on your feet, and the image in your mirror may be a little disappointing, but if you are still functioning and not in pain, gratitude should be the name of the game.”  

Betty White Found the Upsides to Aging

Betty White’s positivity certainly played a role in how great she says she felt in her old age. She also quipped in her book, “My mother always used to say, ‘The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.’” It seems that Betty’s spunky attitude runs in the family! 

White made cute comments about getting old all the time in her later years. In a 2012 interview with The New York Times, she gave readers a rundown of her “secret” to health in her old age. White joked, “My favorite food is hot dogs with French fries. And my exercise: I have a two-story house and a very bad memory, so I’m up and down those stairs.” 

White Talks Why She Never Lied About Her Age

And in a 2013 interview with People, the Emmy award winner shared some of the perks of rocking it in your 90s. “Best thing about being in your 90s is you’re spoiled rotten,” she told People. “Everybody spoils you like mad and they treat you with such respect because you’re old. Little do they know, you haven’t changed. You haven’t changed in [the brain]. You’re just 90 every place else. Now that I’m 91, as opposed to being 90, I’m much wiser. I’m much more aware and I’m much sexier.”  

Betty White says she never felt the reason to lie about her age. At age 89, she wrote about how people shift from hiding their age to bragging. “Somewhere along the line there is a breaking point, where you go from not discussing how old you are to bragging about it,” wrote White. “I have never lied about my age, but these days I seem to work it into the conversation at the drop of a hat.” The comedian even found the hilarity in getting old, adding that, “If one has no sense of humor, one is in trouble.”

Betty White’s legacy will continue to live on through her art, and the incomparable impact she left on those around her.