‘Golden Girls’ Star Betty White Hilariously Revealed Why She Was Scared to Read Script

by Anna Dunn

In an old interview, Betty White discussed why she was scared to read the ‘Golden Girls’ script. The reason she was nervous is truly hilarious. Also, she initially read for Blanche. It’s hard to believe White was ever considered for someone other than Rose.

In the interview at Paleyfest in 2006, White explained why she was hesitant to read the Golden Girls script.

“You get so many bad scripts that you know, that people say ‘here read this’ and you think ‘oh dear god, deliver me.'”

But thankfully, the moment she read the script, she fell in love with the show and the concept. Golden Girls was unique, it followed a group of women in a largely misrepresented and misunderstood demographic. It showed the world that age doesn’t take away your liveliness, your playfulness, and your spirit.

“We were all so excited to read the script because it was so wonderful,” she said.

The ‘Golden Girls’ Star and Hollywood Icon Passed Away On New Years Eve

Betty White, who was the last surviving main cast member of The Golden Girls, passed away on New Year’s Eve in 2021. The actress was about to turn 100 years old this month. Following her death, countless tributes poured in for her. White was not only known for her acting on The Golden Girls, but she was also known for her kindness, generosity, and love for animals.

Because of that love of animals, fans of betty white decided to donate to local animal shelters as well as animal charities in her honor. Many local shelters received a massive boost in donations due to people donating in her honor, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate Betty White’s incredible life.

Betty White Received Tons of Fanmail During the Pandemic

Betty White continued to act long after The Golden Girls ended, and she brought joy and inspiration to millions every day. She was no stranger to receiving fan mail, but it picked up right before her death. Over the course of the pandemic, as fans tuned in to watch comfort shows, Betty White received more fan mail than ever. Her assistant wrote about this on her Instagram account. She also wrote about how Betty White felt guilty she couldn’t respond to all of it.

“During the pandemic, Betty received more fan mail than ever,” her assistant wrote. “(And she easily received hundreds to even thousands of letters each week during pre-pandemic times). She did her best to sign and respond to as many as she could. And always felt badly that we never managed to get through them all.”

Betty White was a huge reason The Golden Girls was the success it was. And throughout the course of her life, she was able to bring that kind and generous spirit everywhere she went. She will truly be missed. But even in death, she’s made a huge difference.