‘Golden Girls’ Star Monte Markham Opened Up About His Venture into Documentaries

by Joe Rutland

Actor Monte Markham has played a lot of different roles beyond his turn on The Golden Girls. In fact, he’s been doing documentaries, too.

Markham, who is best known from that NBC sitcom as Clayton Hollingsworth, started going the documentary work in 1992. Oh, the Clayton character was one that came out as gay to his sister Blanche Devereaux, played by Rue McClanahan.

The actor formed his own production company named Perpetual Motion Production. We get more information about this from an article in Best Life.

“In 1992, I formed a production company, and since that time I’ve done over 150 hours of documentary programming all over the world and that was the beginning of cable television: The History Channel, A&E, Discovery,” Markham said in a 2010 interview. “It was a great time … the journey has been beyond belief.”

Heck, he’s even put some of his acting talents to work. For some of the documentaries, he’s provided the voice-over work.

‘Golden Girls’ Star McClanahan Got To Keep Clothes From The Show

Imagine getting to take home all of those costumes and clothes from The Golden Girls. Well, that’s what happened for McClanahan.

She snagged her outfits and took them home. Yes, she sure did. How? See, she put a clause in her contract for them. That’s according to an article from ABC News.

Reportedly, the actress needed some full-size closets at home to house these outfits. Hey now, that’s seven seasons of Blanche right there. Those clothes from The Golden Girls had to go somewhere.

Now, here’s a little classic TV trivia for you fans. McClanahan actually worked with two of her co-stars on the NBC sitcom before they got there. Do you remember where it was for her career?

McClanahan Would Star In Two Earlier Sitcoms With Arthur, White

OK, she plays Dorothy opposite Bea Arthur on the hit CBS sitcom Maude. Also, she stopped by for a season with Betty White on the NBC sitcom Mama’s Family.

After all of this, Rue McClanahan kept working, She talked about this in a 2008 interview with Lavender Magazine.

McClanahan said she wants to work. “Working is life—acting, writing,” The Golden Girls actress said. “I like to write. I love acting in good things. (And) I just shot a Hallmark movie (in 2008) with Ed Asner called Generation Gap that will premiere in late October. It’s things like that that keep me young. I don’t want to retire.”

Also in 2008, McClanahan was in 13 episodes of Sordid Lives: The Series. To top that off, she would pick up the TV Land Pop Culture Award for her TV work. McClanahan stayed busy and it’s apparent that she loved doing it a whole lot.