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‘The Golden Girls’: Best Rose Episodes to Remember Betty White By

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Steve Fontanini/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

For years, fans of the late Betty White have been thankful to the actress for “being a friend.” Betty White has long been a mainstay among television sitcoms starring in some of our favorite shows. the most well-known of these, however, is of course the hit 1980s and 1990s sitcom, The Golden Girls.

The Golden Girls has been in syndication for several years since its finale in 1992. Since then, the hit series has developed a following beyond the audience developed during the show’s original run. So, of course, Betty White fans are honoring the actress and comedian by rewatching the hit series.

While the award-winning series is chock full of amazing episodes, there are a few that feature White’s Rose Nylund quite heavily…making them stand above the rest when it comes to honoring the late actress. But, out of the180 Golden Girls episodes, which are the best ones to watch in memory of Betty White?

‘In A Bed Of Rose’s’

This season one Golden Girls episode has a bit of everything. A little death, a lot of secrets – and despite the gloomy storyline – a whole lot of laughs as only The Golden Girls can provide.

In this episode, Betty White’s Rose decides to re-enter the dating world. However, Rose soon discovers her date has died in her bed overnight. When the Golden Girl contacts the man’s sister she learns the shocking truth…the “sister” is really her date’s wife.

‘A Visit From Little Sven’

This third season episode features Casey Sander as Sven, Rose’s cousin. Sven is in town for an arranged marriage. However, things become complicated when the St. Olaf native falls head over heels for Rose’s roommate Rue McLanahan’s Blanche. Blanche doesn’t necessarily stop Sven’s attraction either. This, of course, leads to some classic one-liners as White’s Rose makes some hilarious burns directed towards her roommate.

‘Letter To Gorbachev’

Okay. We all know what we love the most about Betty White’s Rose Nylund is her ditziness…but it also begets a sense of wonder; almost childlike, really. This is why the season three Golden Girls installment Letters to Gorbachev is such a hit. Rose, worried about the cold war that was in full swing at the time, writes a letter about her worries to both President Reagan and Gorbachev. The Russians are inspired by her words and send a representative to meet the author of the letter. However, chaos ensues when we learn the Russian Government thought the note was from a young girl…not the much older Rose Nylund.

‘You Gotta Have Hope’

When Bea Arthur’s Dorothy Zbornak is desperate to snag a host for a charity event, Rose offers up the perfect solution. According to Rose, she can get popular entertainer Bob Hope to fill the role because he’s her father…well, so she claims. Of course, no one believes White’s Rose when she tells them Bob Hope is her birth father in the fourth season episode. However, the big moment comes when Bob Hope actually arrives and hosts the event. Now, it is revealed in the episode that Bob Hope is in fact, not Rose’s bio dad. But the optimism White gives Rose in the belief that he is her father, shows us exactly why White is one of our favorite actresses of all time.