‘Golden Girls’: What Star Monte Markham Did After the Show

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

Remember Monte Markham? He is known for playing Clayton Hollingsworth on the Golden Girls. Here’s what he did after the show.

Monte Markham is a veteran actor. Starring as Blanche’s older brother, he represents the LGBT community in some very important Golden Girls episodes. However, playing Clayton Hollingsworth is not the only role the actor is known for.

How He Got His Start

Markham started acting in college. He shares his experiences in his university theatre program with Broadway World.

“When I stayed at the University of Georgia 2 years as an undergraduate, they had a great theatre program and veterans had come back from the Korean War and were going to school. There was nothing we couldn’t do, so I stayed there and did theatre, everything from Stanley in Streetcar to Hector in The Tiger at the Gates to Shakespeare…it was grand.”

Before his time on the sitcom, Markham had 20 years of acting experience under his belt. Two of his credits include playing Clint Ogden in Dallas, and the starring role in The New Perry Mason. He was also a part of Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Hawaii Five-O, and Rituals. While he appears on television a great deal, Markham made his way to the Broadway stage alongside actress Debbie Reynolds. The show they starred in was Irene.

The actor credits his agent for landing him such great roles.

“I went to Hollywood in 1965 and got a great agent, who immediately got me roles in four films, and my own television series, The Second Hundred Years, where I played a father and my own son,” he says.

After Golden Girls, even more opportunities opened up for the star. He found himself starring as Captain Don Thorpe on Baywatch as well as appearing as as guest on Melrose Place and Murder She Wrote. In the 1990s, he began his career as a producer. Beginning his own production company, Perpetual Moon Production, he found a new passion for creating television documentaries.

“In 1992 I formed a Production Company and since that time I’ve done over 150 hours of documentary programming all over the world and that was the beginning of Cable Television: The History Channel, A & E, Discovery…it was a great time…the journey has been beyond belief.”

The ‘Golden Girls’ Star Still Acts Today

The 86-year old actor still loves what he does. In an interview with Grigware, he is thankful for everything he has done so far.

“I can say categorically that there’s very little that I haven’t done, pursuing every possible way of acting and doing, leading then to directing and producing … I did very well.”

It does not sound like Markham is slowing down anytime soon. His iMDb page lists three upcoming projects that have yet to be released. It is rumored that he will play John Carson in the Mark Maine Carson Project. It also says that he is playing the role of Doctor Mecker in Silent Life. This project is reportedly in post-production.