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Goldie Hawn Pays Sweet Birthday Tribute to Kurt Russell

by Joe Rutland
goldie hawn kurt russell photo
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix)

Goldie Hawn pens a loving birthday tribute to her man, Kurt Russell, on his birthday which was on St. Patrick’s Day. Russell, who starred in Miracle and other movie and TV roles, turned 72 on Friday. Hawn, 77, paid tribute to her longtime partner. She shared a photo of Russell laughing while she gives him a look. In the caption, she wrote, “Happy birthday to the wacky man in my life! I love you baby.” Meanwhile, in the comments area, Hawn’s son Oliver Hudson, 46, wrote, “Love this pic!!! Hahahah … Sums up your entire 40 years of togetherness.”

Hawn does consistently send sweet birthday wishes to Russell on Instagram for his special day. Back in 2020, she wrote: “Happy birthday sweetheart. I love you. Fun doing the Irish jig with you on your birthday after all these years.”

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Then, in 2021, she wrote, “Happy birthday baby! What a wild ride. No, we never got married but one thing that continues to grow is our love. You’re a wild one, brilliant, lovable, childlike, perfectly maddening, a father supreme and deeply funny! I can’t imagine my life without you at any age, Kurt Russell. You’re the catch. And you’re all mine.”

Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell Have Been A Couple Since 1983

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together since 1983. They told PEOPLE in 2020 that there’s no big secret to their lasting love. “You’ve just got to want to be together,” Hawn said at the time. “I don’t think there’s any way other than do it.”

Russell said, “For people like us, the marriage certificate wasn’t going to create anything that otherwise we wouldn’t have. I don’t know. Forty years isn’t enough to finally say, ‘Well I guess…. ‘ “

“I”s not about the marriage. It’s about the people and the relationship, and the will to stay together,” Hawn said. “And that’s a big one because if you want it, you can have it. You’ve got to give things up, but the joy and the excitement of being together and touching the toes of somebody at night is really a nice feeling.”

Hawn Shared Her Thoughts On Cancel Culture At This Time

Meanwhile, Hawn recently opened up about how cancel culture creates a lot of mistrust in people and groups. She opened up about it while being interviewed by Variety. “I think that it’s important to stand vigilant on people’s behavior and really understand when they’re out of line and be able to handle it,” Hawn said. “… They’re canceling books – classic books that no one can read. I don’t like that. There’s mistrust everywhere.”