‘Good Morning America’ Host Ginger Zee Just Hit a Major Career Milestone

by Megan Molseed

For 10 years, Ginger Zee has been our go-to meteorologist on the popular morning news show, Good Morning America. And, just this week, the Chief Meteorologist is officially celebrating ten years with the popular morning show’s team.

To celebrate this exciting milestone, Ginger Zee shared a post on her Instagram page to celebrate the moment. The post includes a photo of Zee on her first day on the Good Morning America set next to a current photograph.

“TEN YEARS OFFICIALLY AT ABC NEWS,” the morning show host shared in her November 7 Insta post.

The morning show meteorologist went on to thank her friend and fellow journalist Brad Edwards for reminding her of the milestone.

Ginger Zee then goes on to say that she has learned so much during her decade on the popular morning show. Something for which the meteorologist is grateful.

“I would have so much to tell the young woman on the left… but I wouldn’t,” Zee writes in her Insta post.

“It’s been too fun to live it all,” the meteorologist continues. “Even the crappy parts. Storms really don’t last forever. Grateful for it all.”

‘Good Morning America’ Host Has Fun With Throwback Pic

Of course, the morning show star is not unlike the rest of us when we see a throwback pic of ourselves. And Zee had to toss a little shade towards her “before” picture.

Ginger Zee adds a little joke about her dated look on the left.

“Ok, maybe I would tell her to be a little less heavy handed with the highlights,” the Good Morning America meteorologist quips adding a little winking emoji.

Ginger Zee went on to say that she is energized by the strides she has taken during her tenure on GMA.

“Grateful AND more energized than ever to keep dreaming,” the Good Morning America meteorologist writes in her November 7 post. “Doing and making it better than that woman on the right can even imagine.”

A Bigger Role For Chief Meteorologist

Last month, Ginger Zee took on yet another role at ABC. The meteorologist is now the managing editor of the network’s brand new climate unit.

“So excited to announce – I have a new title (Chief Meteorologist & managing editor of the climate unit) & my team is growing,” the Good Morning America meteorologist notes in an October Instagram post.

Ginger Zee shared the big news while she was reporting on a situation core to her new position.

“Feels right to post this announcement with the desperate situation I’m seeing here in the Maldives (sea level rise & erosion has taken ground water supplies from 97% of their islands),” Zee notes.

“We have an official climate unit now – and you’ll see big coverage next week,” the meteorologist adds.

Ginger Zee went on to thank her team for working hard to dedicate resources towards climate reporting.

“I’m so proud of ABC’s commitment to telling these stories,” the meteorologist says.