‘Good Morning America’: Robin Roberts Returns After Being Out With COVID

by Madison Miller

After having to take a week away from “Good Morning America,” Robin Roberts is back once again to spend her mornings sharing the news with avid viewers.

She had to take a hiatus from the show after coming back with a positive COVID-19 test. On Wednesday, January 26, Roberts officially came back to the show and has shared that she is “feeling so much better.” She has now also tested negative for COVID-19 as well.

Although we get to see Roberts on the screen once again, it’s not quite the same. Instead of appearing in the studio with everyone else, Roberts is appearing virtually from the comfort of her own home. Her fellow co-anchors George Stephanopoulos, Linsey Davis, and Cecilia Vega gave her a cheery welcome back from their own seats in the studio.

Roberts appears to be in very good spirits. She said she hopes “to be a positive person … never been so thankful to be and test negative as I did yesterday and this morning.”

Roberts is vaccinated so she only experienced some very mild symptoms and has been able to recover at home over this past week. She specifically mentioned how thankful she was that her co-anchors and fans sent her love and well-wishes.

She thanked her co-anchors “for your sweet text messages, hearing from the ABC family, the GMA, who’re incredible, viewers really lifted my spirits. That and all the chicken soup that was sent my way.”

It’s unclear when she will return to the actual studio to film “Good Morning America.”

During her daily wisdom video this morning, Roberts also expressed a lot of gratitude for her fans. She thanked everyone for their “love and support.” Roberts also noted that her girlfriend, Amber Laign, hasn’t tested positive for COVID-19 at all.

As for the rest of the “Good Morning America” crew, Roberts isn’t the only one with a positive COVID-19 test. Her co-star Amy Robach announced she tested positive a few hours before Roberts did. Robach is also fully vaccinated and has only experienced some lower back pain and exhaustion. She has been isolating and resting up as well.

In addition to “Good Morning America,” many other TV programs are also dealing with more and more positive cases. The “Today” show’s Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie have both tested positive for the virus. They are now back in the studio.

Whoopi Goldberg from “The View” also had COVID-19 but has also returned to the studio recently. In addition, other film projects and TV shows have also faced delays due to COVID-19.