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Graceland Releases Statement About Priscilla Presley Allegedly Being Locked Out

by Samantha Whidden
Priscilla Presley
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Following the reports that Priscilla Presley has been locked out of Graceland amid the alleged fallout between her and Lisa Marie Prelsey’s daughter Riley Keough, the historical landmark is now addressing the situation. 

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According to Entertainment Tonight, Graceland issued a statement about the current gossip and declared that Priscilla was never locked out. “These reports are entirely untrue,” the statement reads. “No locks at Graceland have been changed since Lisa Marie’s passing.”

The alleged feud between the Presleys started after it was revealed that Lisa Marie had put in her Will that Graceland, which belonged to her famous father Elvis Presley, would go to her three daughters, Riley, Harper, and Finley. However, Priscilla has stepped in and is contesting the authenticity and validity of Keough’s appointment. She claims that there are many issues surrounding the appointment. 

Joel Weinshanker, who is the managing partner at Elvis Presley Enterprise, stated that Keough should maintain her trustee role. Priscilla Presley revealed more details about her contesting the will. “There is an individual that bought their way into the family enterprise that is trying to speak on behalf of our family. This person is not a representative of Elvis or our family,” Priscilla explained. “Please allow us the time we need to work together and sort this out. Please ignore ‘the noise.’”

Priscilla then said as she has always been there for her late ex-husband’s legacy as well as her family and fans, she will continue to “forget a pathway” forward with respect, honesty, dignity, integrity, and love.

Lisa Marie Presley passed away in early January after reportedly suffering from cardiac arrest. Priscilla Presley was notably a co-trustee of Graceland up until 2016 when Lisa Marie put Keough in charge. 

Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough Are Reportedly Not Speaking Amid Battle Over Graceland 

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Priscilla Presley and her granddaughter Riley Keough are currently not on speaking terms amid the battle over Graceland. 

“Riley and Priscilla are not talking,” a longtime friend of Lisa Marie told Page Six last month. “Their relationship is changing, that is true … it’s just so sad. This is the time Riley would really need her grandmother.”

The source also told the media outlet that while Priscilla and Riley have shared a close relationship over the years, things have changed. “Riley is seeing a new side of her grandmother,” the insider noted. Another source then stated that Keough isn’t looking to fight with her grandmother. “Riley’s not looking for a war. She always had a good relationship with her grandmother. Lisa had her issues with her mother, but … she didn’t drag [her kids] into [their] personal issues.”