‘Green Acres’ Had Its Very Own Ghost in Halloween Special

by Jennifer Shea

“Green Acres” joined the ranks of classic television shows to feature a special Halloween episode with a tale about a ghost that haunts Hooterville.

In the episode, “The Ballad of Molly Turgiss,” Oliver decides to compose a folk song about a woman whose ghost supposedly haunts the town. Molly Turgiss was run out of town for the way she looked, and now her unhappy spirit is said to create problems for anyone who mentions her name.

But Lisa has a solution to the haunting of Hooterville: she’ll give the ghost a makeover. And thus Oliver will be able to write and sing his folk song about the ghost in peace.

Watch a clip from the episode here:

‘Green Acres’ Stars Had a Great Rapport

“Green Acres” stars Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor got along famously on set. While they died a decade apart – Gabor in 1995, Albert in 2005 – both passed away of complications from pneumonia.

In a long-ago joint interview on the Merv Griffin Show, the two performers had clearly developed a rapport and spoke highly of their co-star’s acting abilities.

“Many of the people who speak to me about Eva… think that she’s rather frivolous,” Albert told Griffin. “Nothing could be further from the truth. She’s the most responsible and well-disciplined actress I’ve ever worked with.”

“When I come to the studio grumpy in the morning, she cheers me up,” he added.

Gabor, for her part, praised Albert as a gifted actor who was eager to get in front of the camera and start the day’s work.

Watch the full interview here:

Both Stars Passed Away of Pneumonia

In June of 1995, Gabor entered Los Angeles’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with a broken hip. She also had pneumonia, and she died in the hospital of respiratory failure at age 74.

“It was a big shock because Eva has been one of those people who had boundless energy and strength—a zest for living,” Kevin Sasaki, Gabor’s publicist, told the Los Angeles Times. “She traveled, did charity work. She kept herself busy, always juggling eight plates at a time.”

The Bel-Air resident once said that her “Green Acres” stint was “the best six years of my life. I adored every minute of it.” And when she reprised the role of Lisa for a made-for-TV movie, she said it was easy for her to return to the role.

“There’s a part of me that is just that kooky,” she said. “But only a little part.”

Albert, meanwhile, died in 2005 of pneumonia at his home in Pacific Palisades, surrounded by caregivers and his son Edward, per the “Today” show. His son later told the Associated Press that his father died so peacefully that he didn’t feel any grief.

Like Gabor, Albert seemed to look back on his “Green Acres” days proudly.

“Some people think that because of the bucolic background ‘Green Acres’ is corny,” Albert once said in a 1970 interview. “But we get away with some of the most incredible lines on television.”

Albert was reportedly a devoted outdoorsman and environmentalist. He had campaigned for endangered species, addressing the Santa Monica Bay pollution and other environmental causes.