Guide Dogs for the Blind Honors Betty White Following ‘Golden Girls’ Star’s Death

by Clayton Edwards

At this point, some folks may say the list of things about which we can all agree is getting shorter. Near the top of that list is the fact that Betty White was a national treasure. Her acting career was only part of the legacy she left behind. Her big heart and love for animals rival any role she played on the big or small screen. Over the years, she used her fame to help several animal charities. Among those was Guide Dogs for the Blind. Now, they’re honoring White after her passing.

Guide Dogs for the Blind is the largest guide dog school in North America. According to its website, the organization does more than just train guide dogs. The org also advocates for policy reforms that “change how the world views blindness and disability.”

Christine Benninger, CEO of Guide Dogs for the Blind, spoke to TMZ about her organization’s relationship with Betty White. She said that White was a friend of the charity for over thirty-five years. As a result, they’re doing a couple of things to honor her memory.

Honoring Betty White’s Memory

First, they’re naming one of their golden retriever pups after her. Betty Rose will go to a puppy raiser when she is old enough to be away from her mother. That puppy raiser will take the pooch on her first steps to becoming a guide dog. By naming the puppy for Betty White as well as one of her most iconic characters, the org is keeping her legacy alive. It will be hard to think of the golden retriever without remembering America’s favorite Golden Girl.

This is an even more fitting tribute to Betty White than it sounds. White raised at least one puppy, a golden retriever named Pontiac, for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

 Additionally, Guide Dogs for the Blind will hold an event to celebrate Betty White’s legacy in October. They’ll gather in San Francisco, share stories about White, and play a video montage that showcases her dedication to the organization.

How You Can Honor America’s Favorite Golden Girl

If you want to honor America’s favorite Golden Girl, you can take part in the Betty White Challenge.

In her life, White took every opportunity to give her time and money to charities that help animals. She worked with countless organizations over the years. So, in order to honor that part of her legacy, fans around the world are donating at least $5 to a local animal shelter in her name.

The Betty White Challenge started with a meme on Twitter. The post, which has since gone viral, called on White’s fans to donate to local animal shelters in the icon’s name. This will “Make her 100th birthday the movement she deserves.”