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Hallmark Bringing Back ‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries’ Without Candace Cameron Bure

by Craig Garrett
Candace Cameron Bure

Hallmark will continue to keep its beloved series, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries alive – even without the fan favorite Candace Cameron Bure. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has officially given the go-ahead to release a prequel, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New, Deadline reports. The new installment is due out later in 2023.

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Skyler Samuels (star of The Gabby Petito Story) has been cast as the new young Aurora, with Evan Roderick (A Tale of Two Christmases and Autumn in the City) taking on her love interest Arthur. Meanwhile, Marilu Henner will be reprising her role as Aida Teagarden.

Emily Merlin, Development Manager, Programming, Hallmark Media, weighed in on the reboot.“Our viewers have been waiting for more adventures with Aurora and her friends – what better way to do that than to take them back to when the young, amateur sleuth was just coming into her own?” explained Merlin. “The Aurora Teagarden franchise is a fan favorite and we’re excited to share this new chapter with viewers.”

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New takes us back to Aurora’s life after college. We find her at home in Lawrenceton, where her mother Aida (Henner) is striving to make a success of her newly-found real estate business while she herself supports herself by teaching a crime fiction class and working part-time as a waitress in the local diner. Here she shares with Sally and police officer Arthur (Roderick), her enthusiasm for exploring true crime cases.

When Sally’s intended fails to make his appearance at the wedding rehearsal, Maid of Honor Aurora enlists Arthur’s help in finding him. To their surprise, they uncover a corpse instead! Everyone initially assumes it belongs to her missing fiancee, yet when they eventually learn otherwise he quickly becomes the prime suspect.

Candace Cameron Bure originated the role in 2015

Candace Cameron Bure begin playing the role of Aurora Teagarden back in 2015. In April 2022, the Full House star made her departing performance as Teagarden on Hallmark Channel after appearing in over 20 films for the network. Subsequently, she announced her new assignment with Great American Family that same month.

She had previously lauded GAC for its classic content. “I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core,” she told the Wall Street Journal recently. Bure was widely criticized for her comments by both fans and other celebrities alike. In response to the outcry, she later told People, “[it] absolutely breaks my heart that anyone would ever think I intentionally would want to offend and hurt anyone.”

“I am a devoted Christian. Which means that I believe that every human being bears the image of God. Because of that, I am called to love all people, and I do. If you know me, you know that I am a person who loves fiercely and indiscriminately,” Cameron Bure continued. “My heart yearns to build bridges and bring people one step closer to God, to love others well, and to simply be a reflection of God’s huge love for all of us.”