‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer Revealed, Teasing Final Showdown for Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers

by Lauren Boisvert

Michael Myers is back for one final showdown with Laurie Strode in the new “Halloween Ends.” Will this really be the end of the “Halloween” franchise? Looks like it, but, also, you never know. “Halloween” will live on in our hearts (and our marriages). Either way, the trailer for the new film is out, and we’re left shaking in our boots for what’s to come.

This is the 13th “Halloween” film in the franchise, which began with John Carpenter’s titular 1978 film. In 2018, the franchise was rebooted, but it ignored the canon and context of every movie except the original. It’s like we just pretended those didn’t exist and started again in 2018.

To be fair, the sequels were not universally loved. There was “Halloween II,” then “Halloween III: Season of the Witch.” Subsequently, there was “The Return of Michael Myers,” “The Revenge of Michael Myers,” and “The Curse of Michael Myers.” There was “H20: 20 Years Later,” then “Resurrection.” There were also two Rob Zombie productions, but none of these sequels had the John Carpenter touch that the original had.

Then, our reboot in 2018, bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, whose last appearance as the character was in 2002’s “Halloween: Resurrection.” 2021 brought a continuation, “Halloween Kills,” which leads us to the conclusion of all things: “Halloween Ends.”

Jamie Lee Curtis teased big news Tuesday night on Twitter, telling fans to “Do as I say!” and watch that space, imitating her character. The big news turned out to be the first trailer for “Halloween Ends.”

A Closer Look At the First Trailer For ‘Halloween Ends’

According to Variety, “Halloween Ends” will premiere on October 14 in theaters. Jamie Lee Curtis returns as reclusive Laurie Strode, joined by her granddaughter Allyson, played by Andi Matichak. Nick Castle and stuntman James Jude Courtney also return as Michael Myers. Castle portrayed Myers in the original film, as well as 2018’s “Halloween” and 2021’s “Halloween Kills.”

“Halloween Ends” picks up from the cliffhanger of “Halloween Kills.” The end of that film finds Allyson receiving medical attention after being attacked but Michael Myers, Laurie preparing to leave the hospital, and Laurie’s daughter Karen stabbed to death by Myers.

The trailer begins with Myers entering a house, going upstairs, and creaking a door open. Only to be met with Laurie with a gun pointed at him. “Come on, let’s go,” she says in voiceover. The next scene, he throws her across the kitchen, where she hits the counter. So it looks like they’re going to have a fight in her house. The trailer shows scenes from the original film, as well as the reboot and “Halloween Kills,” highlighting that the saga is coming to an end. It looks like the big fight is going to happen at Laurie’s house, in the dark kitchen; at one point, Myers tries to shove her hand down the running garbage disposal. But she knocks him backwards and stabs his hand into the floor with a kitchen knife.

Overall, this looks like its going to be a good ending to the rebooted franchise. I personally get excited for Halloween time every year, and this new film will be a great start to the celebrations.