‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler is Expecting a Visit from Aliens

by Joe Rutland

If you think you have heard it all with “Happy Days” star Henry Winkler, then sit down. He’s expecting outer-space aliens to visit him.

Winkler, who played Arthur Fonzarelli or “The Fonz” on the ABC sitcom, has written a new book series called “Alien Superstar.” He was a guest on the Storme Warren Show that airs on SiriusXM’s “The Highway” channel.

Outsiders, let’s take a look and see what he shares about the book. OK, so, he also shares his beliefs about aliens from space visiting him.

“I honestly have always thought, if flying saucers would land on Earth, they will land in my vicinity and be friendly,” Winkler said. “I’m just obsessed with that thought.”

Here’s Henry and Storme chatting it up.

‘Happy Days’ Star Just Saw Third Book In ‘Alien Superstar’ Series Released

Isn’t that something? Winkler is the author of numerous children’s books. “Alien Superstar #1” came out in 2019 and the book, geared toward middle school students, has a sweet story about Buddy and his outer different look from humans.

The second book in the series, “Lights, Camera, Danger,” came out in 2020. Now the third one, titled “Hollywood vs. The Galaxy,” was released on Oct. 5. Winkler is a co-author of this series along with Lin Oliver.

By the way, Winkler is still acting, too, on the HBO series “Barry.”

Hey, Outsiders, it’s through that show Winkler won his only (so far) Emmy Award. In 2018, for playing Gene Cousineau, the “Happy Days” star picked up the Emmy for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.”

He has a total of eight Emmy nominations over his illustrious career. For playing “The Fonz,” Winkler was nominated three times. In 1979, he received a nomination for “Outstanding Informational Program.” Then, in 2000, Winkler was nominated for an Emmy for “Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series” for “The Practice.”

Now Winkler also gained another Emmy nomination in 2019 for his work on “Barry” but did not win.

Winkler Says Famous Radio Host ‘Built A Career’ Off Of Him, Character

Remember the term “jump the shark?” Well, it comes from a “Happy Days” episode where Winkler as Fonzie jumps over a shark in the water.

It was one of those episodes where the storylines of that sitcom kind of went in a different direction.

Radio host Jon Hein, though, took the phrase and ran with it. Winkler talked about it with journalist-author Jonathan Alter for his “Old Goats” column

“[He] came up with [jumping the shark] in his dorm room at the University of Michigan,” the actor said. “It caught on. He went on to have a book, a board game, go on Howard Stern’s radio show. He built a career off of me.”