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‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler is Having a Moment as Three Films Hit Netflix Top 10

by Madison Miller
Photo by: David Livingston/Getty Images

If you’re a big fan of Henry Winkler, you may want to go ahead and log onto Netflix.

The “Happy Days” star currently has three different movies that have landed themselves on the Netflix Top 10 lists. The 76-year-old is a supporting actor in each of these films.

The first movie that includes Winkler is “Here Comes the Boom” from 2012. This movie stars Kevin James and is currently the No. 6 movie as of right now right behind “Hellbound.” Winkler plays the role of the teacher Marty Streb in the popular movie.

The movie is about a former college wrestler named Scott Voss (James) who currently works as a high school teacher. The school suddenly needs to make changes due to budget issues and wants to end some school programs as well as lay off the music teacher (Winkler). Scott then starts his own scheme as a mixed martial arts fighter in order to raise money for the school.

The “Happy Days” star also has his most current movie popping up in the Top 10 list as well. The animated feature “Extinct” is No. 3 in the children’s movie department. Henry Winkler voices the character Jepson in the brand new movie that dropped November 19. The movie is about two creatures that are transported from 1835 and must now live in modern-day Shanghai.

Finally, Winkler’s last appearance in a trending movie happens to be in a holiday movie. He voices Grandpa Bill in the animated movie “Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You.” It’s currently No. 6 in the Kids section. People are clearly already in the holiday spirit, despite the fact that Thanksgiving has yet to approach.

Winkler and Iconic ‘Happy Days’ Jacket

If you were a fan of the hilarious Fonzie on “Happy Days,” you may be able to get your hands on a timeless relic from the 1950s-themed show.

Henry Winkler played Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli, the cool greaser known for his white T-shirts, his cool motorcycle, and his dark brown leather jacket. He had many of these jackets he wore on the set of the show. One of which is still at the Smithsonian since 1980.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he is now selling one of these jackets at an auction on December 8 at Bonhams Los Angeles. It’s going to auction as part of a complete outfit. Jeans, a shirt, and biker boots are also part of the outfit. The estimated worth is about $50,000 to $70,000.

“During the pandemic, I had the urge for spring cleaning except that it lasted for a year and a half. I found 27 boxes, and those boxes were filled with memorabilia from Happy Days to The Waterboy to Scream,” Winkler told the news outlet.