‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Mourns Gavan O’Herlihy’s Death: ‘Pleasure Sharing the Screen’

by Matthew Memrick

After hearing about “Happy Days” actor Gavan O’Herlihy’s death, Henry Winkler recalled that it was a “pleasure to share the screen” with the former costar.

O’Herlihy played Chuck Cunningham in seven episodes of the show’s first season with Ron Howard and Winkler. Randolph Roberts replaced the Irish actor the following season.

Winkler piggybacked on Howard’s Tweet on Thursday when he heard the news.

Fonz ‘Happy Days’ Jacket For Sale

Winkler is auctioning off some of his “Happy Days” stuff from the past.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Winkler is letting go of a Fonz jacket. He found two but is keeping one. He’s had this one in his possession for decades.

Winkler said he’s only known of five other jackets. One’s in the Smithsonian while another one was “stolen from the costume department at Paramount.

The actor said another destroyed one was part of the legendary “Happy Days” Jump The Shark episode

Finally, the late series creator Garry Marshall had two in his possession.

Bonhams Los Angeles will list the item for a Dec. 8 auction.

But that’s not all. The jacket will go with a complete Fonzie outfit with an estimated value of between $50,000 and $70,000. 

That outfit includes an original pair of blue jeans, a T-shirt, and biker boots. The items are part of the 26-lot Henry Winkler Collection, part of the Bonhams’ TCM sale.

Why the sale? Two reasons for Winkler. One was some pandemic spring cleaning that lasted a year and a half. Another was that he wanted to help out his daughter’s charity.

He told the Hollywood Reporter he found 27 boxes of memorabilia from “Happy Days” to “The Waterboy” and even “Scream.”

One “Scream” item is a Ghostface mask. The mask has an estimated value of $20,000 to $30,000. 

Some of the proceeds from the sale will go to Zoe Winkler’s This Is About Humanity foundation. Henry Winkler said his daughter started it with a friend, and it works to help children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border around 2018. 

Winkler Said ‘Happy Days’ Worked Against Him Years Later

Winkler said his role recently as “The Fonz” haunted him. 

Costar Ron Howard said he felt some disrespect by show executives as his Richie character cratered while Winkler’s Fonz star took off.

But there were some drawbacks for Winkler.

In October, he told the Insider website that he kept getting passed over for comedy roles because people still envisioned him as the legendary “Happy Days” character.

“People would say, ‘Wow, he’s funny. He’s such a good actor. But he was The Fonz,’” Winkler said. “And so they would pass me by. You have to learn to find the strength in yourself to deal with that, reinvent yourself, move on.”