‘Happy Days’: Henry Winkler Passionately Explains Why He Always Has Time to Meet Fans

by Joe Rutland

Over the years, “Happy Days” star Henry Winkler has endeared himself to his fans. But Winkler sees it as a must for him to do.

Winkler, who famously played Arthur Fonzarelli or “The Fonz” on the ABC sitcom, has stayed busy playing other characters on TV. For him, it doesn’t matter if a fan saw him on “Happy Days” or “Arrested Development.” He wants to let them know how much they mean to him.

The actor talked about it in an interview with the Chicago Tribune newspaper.

“I come there, most people sit behind the table and there’s a table between them and the fan,” Winkler said. “I stand on the other side of the table and meet people. Because if an actor says give me a half-hour or an hour of your time every week for multiple years, and then they come and say ‘Hello’ and you don’t meet them halfway, I think that is bad behavior.”

‘Happy Days’ Star Considers Meeting All of Those Fans as A Gift

For Winkler, meeting fans is considered a gift.

“The warmth I receive when people come up and say I watched ‘Happy Days’ with my grandmother, it was the time my family had together,” he said. “Or ohmigosh, ‘Scream’ or ‘The Waterboy’ [or] ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘Arrested Development’ ‘Better Late Than Never’ and now ‘Barry,’ I cannot tell you how it crosses all the lines.”

Winkler has definitely played memorable characters in both TV shows and films. Obviously, playing the football coach opposite Adam Sandler in “The Waterboy” introduced Winkler to a whole new audience.

The actor, who attended Yale, also has made a mark in the publishing industry as an author. Winkler’s children’s books have sold briskly over the years and give him another way to reach his fans.

Kindness Is Trait That Winkler Considers Powerful To Others In His Life

“Happy Days” definitely had a role in making Winkler a star.

But he considers kindness as being a very important trait to have.

When talking with actress Drew Barrymore on her new talk show in 2020, Winkler shared his philosophy on kindness. He was inspired to do so by a compliment from Barrymore.

“When I met you when I was young, you actually changed my life forever because The Fonz – the most important man on the planet – was nice,” Barrymore said, per Fox News. “I was like, ‘Then everybody has to be nice because The Fonz is nice.'”

“That is one of the most wonderful compliments I’ve ever gotten,” Winkler said. “I never think of being nice, I think of being grateful. I think that I am so happy that I get to do what I dreamt of doing and it has grown over the years.”