‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Shares Behind-the-Scenes Pic from New Movie

by Joe Rutland

While Outsiders both young and old alike connect actor Henry Winkler to his “Happy Days” Fonzie character, he’s kept on working.

Winkler, who has written children’s books and starred in TV series and movies after “Happy Days” ended its run on ABC, is working on another flick.

He shared a picture from the movie set on Monday through his Twitter account. Check out what Winkler sent out to his many followers.

It shows him on the set of “The French Dispatch,” directed by Wes Anderson and coming out in select theaters on Oct. 22 and elsewhere on Oct. 29.

‘Happy Days’ Legend Goes In Front of Cameras For New Role In ‘The French Dispatch’

Now you are wondering what’s going on in the picture, right Outsiders?

OK, so “The French Dispatch” is a movie in which three different stories play significant parts.

Winkler finds himself in the story titled “The Concrete Masterpiece.” In the photo to his right is actor Bob Balaban, and he plays Uncle Nick, who is an uncle and business partner of Julien Cadazio, played by Adrien Brody. Now Brody is at Winkler’s left in this photo.

What role does the “Happy Days” legend play in this new movie? Winkler plays Uncle Joe, another uncle and business partner of Cadazio.

Winkler Finds That Heading Out For Some Fly Fishing Really Helps Him Relax

As we said, the movie will be released on Oct. 22. It had an audience for the Cannes Film Festival release on July 12, 2021.

With all of his work, one might wonder what Winkler does to relax? Outsiders, brace yourself. He enjoys the world of fly fishing.

Likewise, the “Happy Days” star offered some cogent words on what he does when out there with fishing guides.

“I go there. I stand in the boat, I get tangled,” he said. What happens at that point? Here’s where Winkler turns on the charm.

Sharing The Efforts of His Guides With Others In Public Doesn’t Bother Actor At All

He said, “I turn my rod. I say, ‘Oh, Jason (one of his guides), I’ve got a problem. And then I light a cigar and enjoy Idaho.'”

Back in 2019, Henry Winkler spoke at length on the weighty subject of fly fishing with WGN-TV.

The actor and author, without hesitation, put his support system out on the water up for people to recognize. First, he gave them a lot of respect and openly said they help make those fishing excursions a success. Second, Winkler gives the credit for his fishing flies to others. He’s if he makes his own.

“No. I don’t,” Winkler said. “I depend upon the kindness of Justin. Justin is my guide. Jason is my guide. Rowan was my guide.”