‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Still Calls His Castmates His ‘Family’

by Samantha Whidden

Although it’s been nearly 40 years since “Happy Days” came to an end, Henry Winkler says he still considers the cast of the classic TV sitcom as his family. 

While speaking to PEOPLE in 2015, Henry Winkler spoke about he and the rest of the “Happy Days” cast making time to get together. “It’s a family feeling. Ron, Anson, Don… We talk to each other during the year. I talk to [producer] Garry Marshall and [co-star] Marion Ross. I actually just saw Garry at his 80th birthday. We are family, no doubt.”

Henry Winkler also spoke about how people still talk abou this “Happy Days” role. “People still call me Fonzie, but they can call me anything, I don’t mind. As long as they’re with me! I’ve done a lot of other things, but I’m really proud of my time on ‘Happy Days.’”

Henry Winkler Talks His Different Acting Roles Over the Years 

During his recent chat with Variety, Henry Winkler opened up about his different acting roles, including playing Sy Mittleman on “Children’s Hospital,” which stood out as being one of his most baffling roles. 

“I went in for just a few, I stayed for six years,” Henry Winkler explained. He also said whenever understood the jokes or why he was holding a vat of urine. “All I knew was I was with these incredibly funny people. And once during an interview I said, ‘Yeah, I’m doing a wacky comedy.’ And they stopped the interview, took me aside [and said], ‘You cannot say wacky. It’s meta.’ I didn’t understand what that meant either. Sat down and went, ‘I’m doing a meta comedy.’ I have no idea.”

As he spoke about his “Happy Days” role, Henry Winkler declared, “[The role has] taken me from there to today to taste who I knew I wanted to be as an actor.”

In regards to what lessons he wishes he would have known during his time on “Happy Days,” Henry Winkler noted that he was thin because of worry. He also never imagined what his career was going to be like. “When I talked to students, to people, young people who want to be an actor, I said, ‘You know what? It is not easy. You have to be tenacious, but eventually you will get where you want to be. Not always, but for the most part.’ It happened to me. I didn’t know that I was going to have this great journey.”