‘Happy Days’: Here’s How Much Henry Winkler’s Fonzie Jacket Sold for at Recent Auction

by Madison Miller

When it comes to the “Happy Days,” there’s no prop quite as iconic, as well as recognizable, as Fonzie’s grease-chic leather jacket. If you were a fan of the show, you can likely vividly picture the way it looks in your head.

It was more of a brown-washed jacket with a stretchy cloth pattern on the sleeve and on the waist. The jacket was certainly made to look worn-in, given the natural bend and wrinkles throughout. It makes sense, given Henry Winkler’s character was nearly inseparable from the jacket.

Fonzie was a character on the popular 1970s sitcom. He played his character starting in 1974 and stuck with it until 1984.

‘Happy Days’ Items from Fonzie Hit at Auction

Even now, however, he remains an influential character in pop culture. So much so that Winkler still frequently talks about his time playing the character. He also recently set up an auction at Bonhams with a lot of props and memorabilia from his acting career.

According to TMZ, one of the items was the complete costume that Fonzie had on during “Happy Days.” This included the brown leather jacket, two different white shirts, jeans, and even a pair of biker boots that were worn for five years. All of that sold for a total of $75,312. It’s certainly a lot more than the average person would spend on an outfit.

The biggest item at the auction was a vintage 1949 Triumph Trophy 500 motorcycle. It was the one Fonzie actually rode around on in “Happy Days.” Unsurprisingly, it sold for $231,562. Other items also included overalls, an army shirt, and even some cowboy boots.

Luckily, it was all going to a good cause too. Winkler is donating part of the proceeds are being donated to “This Is About Humanity,” which is a charity run by Zoe Winkler. It helps to raise funds to assist families that have been separated at the U.S. and Mexico border.

Henry Winkler Talks About Iconic Jacket

The jacket sold at the auction is only one of seven used on “Happy Days.” One of the other jackets is on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

Winkler is happy to sell these items and said the memories still stick with him. When it comes to that jacket, however, Winkler will always have an attachment.

He couldn’t even try it on before selling it for fear of what he would do. “I would have wept. I think I would have pulled the zipper out of the lining,” Winkler told The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s all going to be good for the “Barry” actor, too. He admitted he tends to hold onto stuff for a bit too long anyway.

“I realized I honestly am a hoarder. I save everything, thinking it is eventually going to be useful or important. I’m talking about jewelry boxes. Little boxes of different sizes, kind of stacked like a Russian doll, and I have saved them for 40 years thinking I’m going to give somebody a gift that is going to be this big, and I will have the box to put it in,” Winkler also said to the publication.