‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Reveals Next Project

by Joe Rutland

For years after Happy Days ended on ABC, Henry Winkler has stayed busy with projects. He’s got another one in the works, too.

Obviously, the world knows Winkler from his Arthur Fonzarelli days. Those are still alive through the world of classic TV reruns. What, though, is the actor and author doing that’s new in his world? Let’s see with some help from Deadline.

He is going to play a lead character in the Aleeza Chanowitz Israeli/U.S. crossover comedy Chanshi. Producers are currently in talks with U.S. and international broadcasters. The Happy Days star will play Tatty, the father of Chanshi, played by Chanowitz. This will be for the series that will air on the Israeli network HOT. It is being produced by Kastina Communications and directed by Bracha’s Mickey Triest and Aaron Geva.

‘Happy Days’ Star Recently Appeared In ‘French Dispatch’

Winker is a three-time Emmy Award winner a and two-time Golden Globe winner. The Happy Days star has a Hollywood Walk of Fame marker, too. He was recently in Wes Anderson’s French Dispatch and the acclaimed HBO comedy Barry.

Other cast members include Marnina Schon, Lee Bader, Oshri Cohen, and Daniel Moreshet (The Big Nothing). Now, a little more about this show. Chanshi is a young religious girl from the Jewish community in Brooklyn. She decides just before her wedding, and despite family objections, to abandon everything familiar and immigrate to Israel.

Once there, Chanshi goes off in a very reckless path. She goes from a life with a clear set of rules to one with no rules. What she expected turns out to be different and sends her off into different experiences.

The publication said it understood that talks are underway with the U.S. and other international broadcasters. Filming for Chanshi is underway and the show is set to air on HOT later this year.

Would You Believe ‘The Fonz’ Almost Wasn’t His Name?

Well, that brings you up to date about Winkler’s new project. But let’s turn the clock back to those Happy Days with a little story. Did you know that “The Fonz” almost had a different name?

Yes, and it all goes back to show creator Garry Marshall. He wanted to make the character into a tribute for his father, Arthur Masciarelli. It did not happen. Why?

So, just before Marshall was born, his father changed his Italian last name to Marshall. He wanted it to sound more American. Garry Marshall wanted to tie with something that had his roots. He did think about calling that character Arthur Masciarelli.

But he didn’t do it. Now, with a name like that in the 1970s, he had a nickname. It was “The Mash.” Remember that we said it was in the 1970s. Another famed TV show had that name for itself.