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‘Happy Days’ Icon Wishes Former Costar Ron Howard ‘Happy Birthday’ in Touching Post

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Alliance for Women in Media Foundation/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media Foundation)

“Happy Days” star, Ron Howard turns 68 today and a former co-star couldn’t be happier!

In a sweet Twitter post, actor Henry Winkler wished the filmmaker a happy birthday by sharing a throwback picture of him. Back in the early 70s and 80s, Howard and Winkler acted alongside each other in the popular sitcom, “Happy Days.”

The caption reads, “Happy bday my good friend from Tel Aviv!!!”

His tweet featured two photos of Howard side by side—one of the teenage redhead, and a more recent photo. Above the side-by-side comparison is the phrase, “Ron Howard The World’s Nicest Man.” We have no doubts that’s true.

‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Reveals Next Project

At almost 80-years-old, “Happy Days” icon Henry Winkler is still adding work to his growing resume.

Most fans know Winkler as Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli in the popular sitcom. Although the show ended close to 38 years ago, it continues to remain a classic. But recently, fans found out that the actor is set to star in an Israeli/U.S. crossover comedy titled “Chanshi.”

This new project is likely why Winkler had to wish his former co-star a happy birthday from across the bond in Tel Aviv. According to Deadline, there are talks of producers collaborating with U.S. and international broadcasters.

Winkler is set to play Tatty, Chanshi’s (played by Aleeza Chanowitz) father in the series for Israeli network HOT. The comedy is also being produced by Kastina Communications and directed by Bracha’s Mickey Triest and Aaron Geva.

According to the article, Chanshi is a young religious girl from the Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York. However, just before her wedding, she decides to abandon everything she knows and relocate to Israel. There, Chanshi embarks on an exciting, wild, and reckless journey. But the transition from a life with a clear set of rules to a life free of rules or authority, is not at all what she thought. This new life ends up throwing her into a storm of new experiences.

The “Happy Days” star’s new comedy is currently in the works and is set to air on HOT later this year.

‘Happy Days’: One Star Also Stepped Behind the Camera Besides Ron Howard

Well, Outsiders, it looks like Ron Howard isn’t the only “Happy Days” star to dive into the world of directing.

Did you know Donny “Don” Most, swiped the director’s seat in several projects? The man behind the popular sitcom’s character, Ralph Malph, directed three movies: “The Last Best Sunday,” “Moola,” and “Harley’s Hill.”

Plus, another “Happy Days” icon, Henry Winkler, also ended up directing, with his name credited in nine projects. Believe it or not, he even directed Dolly Parton in a 1986 holiday movie called “A Smoky Mountain Christmas.”