‘Happy Days’ Star Marion Ross Said Fame ‘Didn’t Spoil’ the Cast

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

When Happy Days hit its successful stride on ABC, cast member Marion Ross said all the fame did not give everybody big heads.

Ross, who played Marion Cunningham on the sitcom, talked about it as a guest on the Media Path Podcast.

“Well it was really pretty comfortable, wasn’t it,” she said. “We were always accepted (by the public). They came and put their arms around you. They wanted you there. We were not spoiled so it didn’t spoil us in any way. It gave us many, many privileges.

“We went to Germany, went to Europe,” Ross, now 93 years old, said. “We went down to New Orleans and played ball [softball]. We had many, many wonderful experiences.”

Take a look at the Happy Days star as she talks at length in this interview.

Ross played opposite Tom Bosley, who was Howard Cunningham, in the Garry Marshall-created sitcom.

Happy Days continues to run in syndication across television screens.

‘Happy Days’ Star Ross Recalled Turning Down Roles, Others She Knew Took Them

Marion Ross has worked in both TV and films. Her time on Happy Days made her a household name.

While she retired in 2018, there’s no doubt that she always will be Mrs. C.

She spoke with Entertainment Weekly in 2008, responding to fans’ questions.

Entertainment Weekly viewer NINEDAVES wanted to know if Marion Ross had ever turned down anything in her career and regretted it later. Ross said she had done so. In fact, some smaller roles she said no to were in her words “absolutely pornographic.”

Ross also said that after skipping those roles, others she knew would take them. No judgment on Ross’ part toward them.

Ross Became Good Friends With ‘All in the Family’ Star Jean Stapleton

But the Happy Days star felt those young men who wrote scripts thought it would be funny to have in a scandalous role. 

In another interview, Ross talks about becoming good friends with Jean Stapleton, who played Edith Bunker on All in the Family.

She told The L.A. Beat that it took a long time for her and Stapleton to get to know one another because Jean was always serious.

“You wouldn’t know that about her… She’s a wonderful person and wonderful actress!” Ross said. “So, we toured with Arsenic and Old Lace with [‘F-Troop’ star] Larry Storch playing Doctor [Einstein] and [‘Dark Shadows’ star] Jonathan Frid [as nephew Jonathan]… We were out for like a whole year, and I had never done that before; been on a national tour of a play! And that was wonderful. That’s when we bonded so well, became such good pals.”

There’s no doubt that Happy Days fans hold Ross and her character in high esteem. She’s had a full, rich life and enjoys sharing her experiences.