‘Happy Days’ Star Marion Ross Called Tom Bosley ‘Hard To Get Along With’

by Clayton Edwards

For a time, sitcom families were fairly limited. Usually, sitcom parents consisted of a loving and soft-hearted mother and a gruff no-nonsense father. Marion Ross and Tom Bosley exemplified that relationship on Happy Days. Mr. and Mrs. C were night and day on how they dealt with the Cunningham kids. However, between them, they got the hard job of raising teenagers done and did it well. Additionally, they seemed like a happy couple.

Their loving relationship ended when the cameras stopped rolling, though. Marion Ross has often talked about how she and Bosley didn’t get along behind the scenes. Recently, Ross appeared on the Media Path Podcast to talk about her long career including her time on Happy Days. During that interview, the conversation turned to her relationship with the late Tom Bosley.

Marion Ross on Tom Bosley

One of the hosts said, “I want to talk for a moment about your relationship with Tom Bosley. You’re married to the guy on the show and at the beginning, you didn’t really like him.”

“He’s hard,” Marion Ross exclaimed. “Did you know him? He was very hard to get along with. He would be rude to me.”

However, Ross said that she just let it roll off of her back. This, she jokingly said, made her a “good wife” for Bosley.

Marion Ross did have some positive things to say about her co-star, though. “He was so talented. He had come from Chicago and had gone to Broadway and done really really well.”

Then, the host of Media Path asked Marion Ross, “What do you think it was that helped, kind of like, melt the frost? Was it him just getting used to people?”

“No,” Marion Ross said with a huge smile, “the frost never melted!”

Why Bosley Didn’t Like Ross: A Hollywood Mystery

It seems almost impossible to dislike Marion Ross. At 93, the veteran actress is as full of life and humor as any young person. Her smile looks like it would light up a room. However, Bosley never warmed to her. The reason for that dislike is a mystery to everyone, including Marion herself.

When asked in a 2019 interview why her on-screen hubby didn’t like her, Marion Ross said, “I don’t know. He didn’t like me and I’m not used to not being liked.” In fact, Ross said that she spent her entire life making people like her. So, Bosley’s coldness toward her was truly confounding. She theorized that Tom wanted someone else to play his wife on the iconic series.

On the bright side, audiences would never know that Joanie and Richie’s parents didn’t get along behind the scenes. They played Mr. and Mrs. C to perfection.