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‘Happy Days’: You Need to Mix Show’s Classic Christmas Episode into Your Holiday Plans

by Jennifer Shea
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Happy Days had some iconic episodes over the years. And among them is “Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas,” a 1974 episode about the spirit of the holiday.

The episode pits Fonzie’s machismo against his expansive Christmas spirit. In it, we get to see the Cunninghams wrestle with a holiday dilemma and Fonzie overcome his insecurities.

This Christmas, enjoy a little holiday cheer courtesy of the Happy Days cast and add this classic episode to your holiday watch list.

Happy Days Episode Stars Fonzie, Richie and Howard

It’s Christmas eve, and the Cunninghams are preparing to spend it as a family, just the five of them. Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley) is insisting that they spend the evening with only each other.

“It’s gonna be a nice, quiet Christmas eve,” Howard says.

But Joanie (Erin Moran) is upset. She says it will be boring all the way. Her mom (Marion Ross) is on her side, calling Howard a scrooge. But Howard is unrepentant.

Meanwhile, at the local diner, Fonzie (Henry Winkler) is giving out Christmas presents to one and all. He’s very big on Christmas. Potsie (Anson Williams) invites Fonzie over to his house for Christmas, but Fonzie says he’s got big plans to visit family in Waukesha. He’s taking a bus later that afternoon.

Unfortunately, the Cunninghams’ family car breaks down later that day as Howard and Richie are leaving Howard’s hardware store. They decide to take the car in to Fonzie’s garage, where Fonzie, who has missed his bus, is waiting.

“Why is it that this car always picks Sundays and holidays to get sick?” Howard wonders.

Cunningham Family Faces a Dilemma

Happy Days wouldn’t be Happy Days without a scene at Fonzie’s garage. At the garage, Richie and Howard observe that Fonzie missed his bus and offer to drive him to Waukesha. But Fonzie gets agitated, telling them he’ll catch a later bus, and to just take their car and go. So they do – only Richie realizes he forgot to give Fonzie his present.

When he goes back and opens the door to the garage, he sees Fonzie preparing a bare-bones meal for himself in the garage, and Richie realizes that Fonzie is not really going to Waukesha.

But when he gets back in the car, his dad is so excited to celebrate Christmas eve with just the family. And so Richie goes along with it.

Back at the Cunningham house, Richie tells the family he saw Fonzie eating ravioli out of a can, alone. What kind of a way is that to spend Christmas eve?

Faced with a Christmas dilemma, the Cunninghams will have to decide how important it is to them to have a family-members-only Christmas eve.

Watch what happens next here: