‘Happy Days’ Star Cathy Silvers Enjoyed the Outdoors and Healthy Living

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

For fans of Happy Days, the name of Cathy Silvers connects with Jenny Piccolo. But did you know that she’s been digging the outdoors?

Silvers, who does have a family connection in classic TV lore, does not act anymore, Her time is spent more toward healthy living and other fine things in life. We get a little insight about this former actor with some help from Best Life.

Before going any further, if you know the last name Silvers from TV history, then you are doing pretty good. Her father was actor-comedian Phil Silvers, who famously played Sgt. Ernie Bilko on The Phil Silvers Show.

‘Happy Days’ Star Wrote Book In 2007 About Healthy Living Lifesetyle

Now, back to the Happy Days star. Cathy Silvers wrote a book titled Happy Days Healthy Living and it came out in 2007. The book is described as an “autobiography and the tale of a journey to healthful and a living-foods lifestyle.”

She talks about adopting a lifestyle that prioritizes juicing and vegetarianism. Cathy Silvers remains quite involved and passionate about those topics to this day. Heck, she even has a Linkedin profile.

It happens to state that she’s been the host of a web series titled The Healthy Living Show for 14 years. A Facebook page promotes her private consulting and counseling services.

Silvers Tells Interviewer That She Deals With Nerve Issue In Her Face

In an interview with Pop Geeks, the Happy Days star says this health journey got kickstarted by some personal health issues. Silvers said that she has trigeminal neuralgia, which is a chronic pain condition impacting a nerve in the face.

“Most of the time when I talk, I stutter because I do have this condition,” Silvers said. “But I am learning to live with it through my healthy living, exercise, and diet.

“I also have Lyme disease, and in order to survive, as there is no known cure, I didn’t get the antibiotic at the time,” the Happy Days star said. “You have to exercise or your organs shut down, so I do.” That means getting outdoors and enjoying life. She will occasionally post moments from her life on social media. For the most part, though, Cathy Silvers livers her life out of the spotlight. The former actor has been filling up her life with experiences even while dealing with health issues.

Silvers appeared on Happy Days from 1980-84. Other TV work in her career has included The Love Boat, The Paper Chase, Punky Brewster, Foley Square, and Wings. Still, her work on the ABC sitcom can be seen in the wonderful world of reruns. She just joins her father in that world, too.