‘Happy Days’ Star Cathy Silvers Once Tried to Stage a Revival: Why It Didn’t Happen

by Maria Hartfield

American actress and author Cathy Silvers played a boy-crazy teenager Jenny Piccolo in the later seasons of the TV sitcom Happy Days. Silvers was only 19-years-old when she started on the show. Since then, Cathy has gone on to achieve many successes outside of Hollywood.

Shortly after her time with Happy Days, Silvers went on to play Molly in Foley Square followed by Coral in Cleghorne!. Additionally, she took on supporting roles in Punky Brewster and Wings. Most recently, Cathy appears in the 1996 film Encino Woman.

Silvers opens up in an interview with Pop Geeks about her feelings about filming Happy Days and what her thoughts are on creating a sequel.

“I haven’t worked in so many years. I think the ultimate role would be to play Jenny again as an adult,” said Silvers.

Cathy’s father Phil appeared alongside his daughter in one episode of Happy Days from 1981. He plays the role of Jenny’s dad, Roscoe Piccalo.

In an interview with Express, Silvers revealed her dad’s Happy Days cameo came as a complete surprise. Apparently, the show writers were all in on keeping it a secret.

“At the read-through, I heard this, ‘Ay ay ay up’—dad’s line from Sgt. Bilko—and I thought, ‘Someone doing’s Dad.’ Then Dad walked on the stage and everyone stopped still,” she said. “The writers were on their knees—he was their idol. It was wonderful and they had it all planned as a surprise for me!”

Cathy Silvers Thoughts on a Happy Days sequel

Cathy Silvers hasn’t been shy about her thoughts on bringing the popular sitcom back to life. She feels so strongly about it, she’s even willing to take an active role in making it happen.

“It’s time for a comeback. I’m working with writers now on it. Cause it makes sense now. We’re waiting for the green light, but I’m on board,” Silvers told Too Fab in 2019. “I’ve raised five children, I wrote a book on healthy living. I want to get back on set and make them laugh again.”

Happy Days fans don’t get too excited. Silvers also mentioned to Pop Geeks the revival never moved forward. She revealed she even co-wrote a script in which “Jenny [would] purchase Arnold’s from Arnold’s son,” but unfortunately CBS decided not to move forward.

Cathy has always talked about spoken fondly of her experience on Happy Days. Specifically, the memories she holds with her onscreen best friend Moran, who passed away in 2017 from cancer.

“It’s very safe to say this was a loving, kind, hysterically funny, great human being. To answer your question, my favorite times with her were, for sure, working with her. We had so much fun it was ridiculous,” she told Pop Geeks of her co-star. “I watched her on television for seven years prior to meeting her, and there she was. I couldn’t even speak in her presence, but I guess it was meant to be, because we just hit it off.”