‘Happy Days’ Star Cathy Silvers Opened Up About Memories of One Late Co-Star

by Anna Dunn

Happy Days star Cathy Silvers once opened up about some memories she had of one of her late co-stars. Cathy Silvers played Jenny Piccolo on happy days, and while filming, she made plenty of memories with Erin Moran, who died of cancer in 2017. Moran played Joanie Cunningham.

In an interview with Pop Geeks, Silvers talked about all the fun times she had with her old co-star. The two both played teenagers and just had a blast working together, which really comes through when you watch their scenes together.

“It’s very safe to say this was a loving, kind, hysterically funny, great human being. To answer your question, my favorite times with her were, for sure, working with her. We had so much fun it was ridiculous,” Silvers told the publication.

But they weren’t friends immediately. Silvers was actually a huge fan of Erin Moran before she got the chance to work with her. So she had to work through being starstruck before they actually got to become friends. Thankfully, that was pretty easy for her because Moran was quite kind.

“I watched her on television for seven years prior to meeting her, and there she was. I couldn’t even speak in her presence, but I guess it was meant to be, because we just hit it off,” she continued.

The Death of the ‘Happy Days’ Star Hit The Cast Hard

Because they all worked so closely for so long, the cast of Happy Days was devastated when news broke of Ern Moran’s passing. Don Most was actually “shocked” when he learned the news because he had no idea how far along with her illness truly was.

In a 2020 interview, he talked about the memories he had of her on set, and they aligned pretty closely with how the others describe her as well.

“Oh boy… the one thing that immediately popped into my head just now… I’m having a vision of her when she was 13. She had this incredible light in her, even at such a young age. She had this vibrancy that illuminated within her and such a sweetness. And she was such a talent on set. Somehow she combined all of that together,” he described.

Moran’s life would be far from easy. She spent a lot of years battling addiction, especially following the end of Happy Days. But toward the end, she stayed in touch with her co-stars. They still speak together. And when Moran passed, everyone was sure to say just how much she meant to them.

In an interview with People, Anson Williams also discussed Erin Moran’s kind spirit.

“She always gave before she took,” he said. “She was a very kind, generous person.”