‘Happy Days’ Star Cathy Silvers Would Like to Play Role Again

by Liz Holland

“Happy Days” star Cathy Silvers revealed in an interview that she would revive one special role if she was given the opportunity. 

Cathay Silvers hasn’t appeared onscreen since 1996. The actress grew up surrounded by stars, as her father, Phil Silvers, had a wildly successful career as a comedic actor. She got a taste of Hollywood for herself when she landed the role of Jenny Piccolo on “Happy Days,” a boy-crazed teen that joined the cast in the shows’ later seasons. 

These days, the 60-year-old focuses on healthy living. Cathy Silvers is an active advocate for healthy eating and exercise, and even published an autobiography titled “Happy Days, Healthy Living.” The book details Silvers’ Hollywood stories, and her journey to a healthier lifestyle. Even though Silvers’ hasn’t appeared in any on-screen projects in over 25 years, there is a slim chance that she’ll make a comeback. 

Cathy Silvers Would Return to Acting Under One Condition

In a flashback interview with “Pop Geeks” the former star revealed what it would take to get her in front of cameras again. “I haven’t worked in so many years. I think the ultimate role would be to play Jenny again as an adult,” Silvers declared. She claimed that at one point, a “Happy Days” revival was almost a reality. “I’d like to see Happy Days come back, and we were pretty close. CBS did not proceed,” she shared. “I had gotten with business affairs as my sisters and I own a third of Gilligan’s Island and my dad owned it in its’ entirety, so I know what it is to be an IP rights holder, and now CBS holds the rights to ‘Happy Days.’”

Because of this, only CBS has the ability to bring the series back to life. She said she discussed a script that she wrote with CBS representatives, but the project ultimately didn’t move forward. 

Despite her disappointment at the lack of a revival, Cathy Silvers still remembers her time on the original series fondly. “That first episode was my favorite episode, and continues to be my favorite,” she shared. “The second one was the one my dad was in, when Erin and I stole the statue. I blame Erin, and then Mr. Cunningham has to call my dad to say ‘you better come talk to your daughter because this is not okay’, and then my dad shows up,” the health advocate recalled.

‘Happy Days’ Star Looks Back On Her Fondest On-Set Memories

Silvers initially had no idea her iconic Dad Phil Silvers was going to appear as Jenny Piccolo’s on-screen father, so it was a huge surprise and a special treat for her. She added, “It was very unique and wonderful, and exciting and amazing, to work with my father, so that was my second favorite episode.”

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, Silvers’ says she hasn’t completely given up hope that “Happy Days” could one day return. According to her, it’s exactly what the world needs right now. The actress later added, 

“Certainly now, with what’s sadly going on in the world, I don’t think you could have a more timely piece, so would I go back to work? If it were Happy Days, yeah.”