‘Happy Days’ Star Don Most Opened Up About Playing Music

by Suzanne Halliburton

On Happy Days, Don Most played a typical Midwestern teenager from the 1950s. And coincidentally, decades later, he started singing music from about the same era.

The guy who played Ralph Malph now croons songs from the Great American Songbook. That genre encompasses music from 1920 through 60. And that means lots of George Gershwin and Cole Porter. The Happy Days star also likes to pull from music performed by the Rat Pack, which means Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Most and Anson Williams, his Happy Days co-star, sat down with Australia’s morning show, Studio 10 for a where-are-they-now sort of feature.

And here’s where Most is now. Ralph Malph still acts. He’s a director. And he sings the cool songs his parents probably danced to back in the day. He and Williams also perform together.

Album Reviewers Loved This Happy Days Star

The Happy Days star released an album in 2017 called Don Most, Mostly Swinging. And 66 percent of the reviews on Amazon are 5 stars.

The top review said: “I listen to it constantly–you will not be able to get these songs–and his voice–out of your head. And that’s a good thing!!!

“Donny Most’s name should be uttered with the likes of Sinatra, Martin, and Darin. Anyone who loves jazz, big band, etc would do well to have this at the top of their shopping list, and on REPEAT once it arrives!!! An outstanding performer who is even more amazing live! No electronics here; he’s all voice. Eagerly awaiting his next release.”

(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

Williams Called Most’s Music ‘Phenomenal’

Williams, in the interview with the Aussie morning show, also bragged on his long-time friend and Happy Days co-star.

“He’s one of the best in the country, best in the world at the American Song Book,” Williams said as he turned to Most. “I’m going, holy crap. Do you have a CD in there?”

“It’s phenomenal and I’m so proud of him,” Williams said. “I’d do anything in the world (so) that the world knows this.”

Most also talked about his choice in music during an interview with The Boise Beat. His mother listened to the music when Most was a kid. So singing it seemed natural.

“People are telling me their kids overheard it and started listening and really liked it,” Most said. “Numerous people have told me that their kids; and some of them are teenagers, and it runs all the way up to my age and older. I’m really proud of that, that it seems to transcend some of the normal demographics.”

But this Happy Days star can sing most anything. About a year ago, he dropped a new song via Twitter.

Most said he still stays in touch with his fellow Happy Days co-stars. He and Williams continue to work together. The two did the digital short Harvest Time. Get this, they play brothers, not best friends.