‘Happy Days’ Star Don Most Reflected on Long Lasting Friendships

by Liz Holland

 “Happy Days” star Donny Most was thrust into the spotlight thanks to the 1970s sitcom, along with many of his co-stars. The show produced several prolific actors that all went on to have great careers, Don included. However, they all started in the same place and shared the special experience of being on “Happy Days” together. Years later, 68 year old Most is still acting– and is even still friends with members of the original cast of the program that changed everything. 

In an interview with FOX News, Most opened up about his current relationship with the “Happy Days” cast. “It’s excellent. We’ve always been like a family. Sure not during the first couple of days of shooting, it did take a little bit of time to develop that kind of relationship, but it developed rather quickly,” he told FOX with a laugh. “We became incredibly close and experienced so many things together as a family off-camera, as well as while filming.”

The star shared that the co-star he remains closest with is Anson Williams, who played Potsie on the show. “We’re best friends and probably tighter now than we ever were. We talk to each other at least several times as well,” he revealed. “I spoke to Henry [Winkler] recently and Marion [Ross] too. Ron [Howard] is probably the toughest to get a hold on, but we still stay very much in touch, probably more through email. And whenever he’s in town, we’ll catch up over lunch. It really does feel like a family.”

One Cast Member Was Missing From an Unofficial ‘Happy Days’ Reunion

The majority of the cast reunited for a Democratic fundraiser in Wisconsin in 2020. However, one “Happy Days” castmate was missing– Scott Baio, who portrayed Chachi, was no where to be seen. Most revealed that he knew Baio would not participate due to his difference in political views. 

“It was not a question of whether he would be a part of it or not. That was a given,” Most explained. “But you know, Scott and I, we played golf together. It’s been a while now, about a couple of years, but we’ve stayed in touch somewhat. But in the last year, I haven’t seen him.”

Despite the disappointment in losing contact with Baio, Most also shared a heartwarming story of working with Erin Moran. Moran played Joanie Cunningham on “Happy Days,” and was ultra talented. Moran passed away in 2017 due to complications from stage four throat cancer. 

Donny Most Says Late Co-Star ‘Had This Incredible Light’

“I’m having a vision of her when she was 13,” Most said as he recalled a memory with Moran. “She had this incredible light in her, even at such a young age. She had this vibrancy that illuminated within her and such a sweetness. And she was such a talent on set. Somehow she combined all of that together.”

Even in her later years, Moran’s light remained bright. “I saw her probably about a year before she passed,” Most shared. “I remember those conversations about our time working together very well. You still felt that light in her. She hadn’t been diagnosed yet with anything. I found out about six months later that she was sick. But I truly didn’t get a sense that it was that far gone. So when we got the news that she passed I was shocked. But I still remember her — we all do.”