‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Described Adjusting to Fame

by Hannah Heser

Henry Winkler shared his experience adjusting to fame during his show, “Happy Days.” The “Happy Days” alum discussed the topic on “The Mike Douglas Show” years ago. He mentioned that he has been anonymous for most of his life. From being born in New York City, he has always been around acting. And this inspired a potential career as an actor.

Winkler got to experience becoming a star on “Happy Days” at 28. It seems like it all happened so fast when he was almost invisible one year then became a huge name the next.

Henry Winkler and His Adjustment to Fame

But how did the fame not stop him from living a normal life? Well, as the show went on, thousands of people started giving him the attention he never knew he would get. For example, he mentioned a trip to Boston with his friend, Donny. He asked 2,000 people standing outside waiting for him to wish his friend a happy birthday. And suddenly, the roof came in with screams louder than the Fourth of July.

As Winkler transitioned back to New York, he and Donny took their parents out to dinner. But everything changed for him going out in public back home. Everywhere he went, people recognized him, asked him questions and took photographs with him. At the end of the day, Winkler remarks on who he is at the dinner, the son of his parents.

Transitions into Fame For Everyone Else

Donny chimed in with his experience adjusting to fame. He discussed his time in New Jersey. Over 5,000 people surrounded him in a shopping mall and they had nowhere to escape. As people started getting closer, Henry and Donny climbed up the fountain to run away from the frightening experience. You might be wondering, “Did they get away from the screaming fans?”

Well, they had no way of getting out. Some people will always crowd around bigger names until they get what they want. That is, a photo, autograph, you name it.

Another person on the talk show shared an experience he had in a hotel. As the day winded down, he told Henry that he had to go to bed. But before he could close his eyes, he heard a random knock on the door. Normally, a person would ignore it and tell them to go away. However, that wasn’t an option for this guy so he got up to see who it was. And he found an innocent looking 14-year-old girl just standing in the door frame. After staring back and forth at each other, the little girl asked him if she could stay the night there. And with no hesitation, he gave her his bath towel so she would leave him alone.

With all of these strange stories about fame, life wouldn’t be as fascinating as it is for them. They would never be able to laugh about these experiences, just like they are now.