‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Opens Up About Most ‘Dramatic’ Moment of His Career

by Michael Freeman

Henry Winkler’s acting career is as inspiring as it is impressive. With so many storied roles under his belt such as Fonzie on Happy Days, some must stand out more than others. On that note, he recently revealed which moment has been the most “dramatic” of his career so far.

Vulture recently hosted an acting class panel at their own Vulture Festival, with Henry Winkler appearing to help. Jen Chaney hosted the event, with her and attendees asking the legendary actor questions about his own career and acting in general. One fan asked about the upcoming Barry season and its release. Winkler disclosed they finish filming this Friday and to expect it in March 2022. Additionally, he said season 3 of the show is the most “dramatic” role of his entire career.

Considering the roles Winkler has taken in the last few decades, his words carry a lot of weight. Teasing about what to expect, he then shared some tidbits about his character’s upcoming storyline. For instance, Gene Cousineau (his character) will reunite with someone close to his late wife. Playing an actor in the show, his character had to channel his emotions and keep them in check. He also said Bill Hader excellently directed the scenes in the upcoming season.

It’s easy to think of Fonzie when someone mentions Henry Winkler, but the actor has a history of drama. In fact, he actually has a master’s degree in it from Yale. Further, during the Vulture panel, he coached up-and-coming actors in the genre. He even brought one actress to tears when she gave an emotional monologue because of his deep advice.

Overall, it seems we can expect an incredible performance from Winkler in the upcoming season of Barry if nothing else.

Henry Winkler Says He Always Has Time to Meet Fans

As evidenced by the advice and consideration he gave at the Vulture panel, Henry Winkler enjoys helping fans. More than just being passionate about his supporters, he feels it’s something he has to do.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Winkler covered a variety of topics ranging from fishing to acting. When the newspaper noted he often went to conventions and engaged with his fans, not just talked with them behind a desk, he explained it’s because meeting them is a “gift” to him.

“I come there, most people sit behind the table and there’s a table between them and the fan,” Winkler said. “I stand on the other side of the table and meet people. Because if an actor says give me a half-hour or an hour of your time every week for multiple years, and then they come and say ‘Hello’ and you don’t meet them halfway, I think that is bad behavior.”

What an interesting, wholesome outlook to have towards his fans.