‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Weighs in on Wild Bucs-Rams Playoff Game

by Joe Rutland

Were you watching the Los Angeles Rams-Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC Divisional Round game? Well, Happy Days legend Henry Winkler was, too.

Although, we might guess that he was rooting for the Rams since he lives in Southern California. But we don’t know that for a fact. Still, the actor-director-author sent out this tweet while watching the Rams pull off a dramatic 30-27 victory in Tampa, Fla.

If you were not watching that game, then you might see the score and say, “What’s the big deal?” Tom Brady bringing the Buccaneers back from 14 points down is a reason to speak up about the game.

‘Happy Days’ Star Watched Tom Brady Bring Buccaneers Back From 14 Points Down

OK, so the Rams led 27-13 then managed to let Tampa Bay back into the game. Brady, a master of the fourth-quarter comeback, got his team together and led them on two late TD drives. Running back Leonard Fornette took a handoff and scored the game-tying touchdown.

But Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, who labored many years in Detroit, had a couple of long passes in his arsenal, too. Stafford dialed up wide receiver Cooper Kupp for a key reception with less than a minute left in the game. All of his work set up Los Angeles placekicker Matt Gay, who drilled a 30-yard field as the clock struck zero.

Ballgame. The Rams move on while Brady and the Buccaneers go home. Los Angeles will play the San Francisco 49ers, who beat the Green Bay Packers on a last-second field goal Saturday night, in the NFC Championship Game next Sunday.

Winkler Confirmed In Interview That He Was Shortest Actor To Audition for Fonzie

We believe that the Happy Days star also will be watching the NFC and, maybe, the AFC Championship games on the NFL’s Championship Sunday broadcasts.

And we do have a story that you might not have heard regarding Winkler and Arthur Fonzarelli. Would you like to know who was the shortest actor to audition for the part? Winkler.

He talks about it in an interview with singer-talk-show-host Mike Douglas on The Mike Douglas Show in 1974.

Douglas did ask Winkler if he was the shortest to audition since the actor was talking about some things he did as a child. Like, for instance, choreographing the legendary musical West Side Story in his room.

“I was the shortest person, I was the last one, one of the last people to try out for the part,” Winkler says. “And they called me up and I had contemporarily long hair, a little stubble, and I walked in there was a bank of 12 people and two wonderful ladies.” And he did earn the part of Fonzie.