‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard Is Hanging Onto the ‘Christmas Spirit’ in Festive Photo

by Amanda Glover

Christmas Spirit is something one should never let go of. Well, at least during this special time of year. ‘Happy Days‘ actor, Ron Howard, shows his in a recent photo uploaded on Twitter.

This jolly photo shows the ‘Andy Griffith’ actor in a Santa Claus hat. Howard also has a Christmas tree in the background covered in festive holiday ornaments. The caption reads: “Well, despite Covid twists & turns keeping some of us apart, we are all upright & hanging on to the Christmas spirit. #MerryChristmas all w/ a special shout out to those having a quarantine holiday.”

This is not his first-holiday photo of the season. Yesterday, the actor posted a picture to his Twitter of a beautiful snowy scene that has only made those who live in warm states jealous.

We all likely agree that the pandemic has done wonders in keeping friends and family apart for special events. We can only hope that Covid hasn’t left Howard alone today of all days. The actor is likely spending the holidays with his wife and children on the most wonderful day of the year. The actor has many homes across America, so we are glad he had options of places to spend his holiday.

What Has Ron Howard Been Up to Since his Opie Taylor Days?

For those who might be unaware, Howard played Andy’s young son, Opie Taylor, on the long-running television show ‘Andy Griffith.’ The family-friendly show lasted from 1960-1968. Opie Taylor is known as Andy’s sweet, respectable son who often looks up to his father. Opie’s relationship with Andy was also inspired by his relationship with his dad.

Andy Griffith passed away from a heart attack in 2012 at the age of eighty-six. After his death, Howard discussed working with his TV father with interviewers: “It was playful when it was appropriate to be having fun. But when the time came to make the show, to do the shot, to get the joke, that was pretty serious.”

After finding out about Griffith’s passing, Howard posted a heartfelt tweet: “His pursuit of excellence and the joy he took in creating served generations & shaped my life I’m forever grateful.”

These days, Howard is directing and producing big-time films. We can all agree that the late Andy Griffith would be proud of how far Howard has come in his career.