‘Happy Days’ Stars Once Opened Up About Their Relationships and Love Lives

by Chris Haney

Early on during Happy Days‘ decade-long run on TV, some of the cast opened up about their love lives while making an appearance on a talk show.

From January 1974 to September 1984, Happy Days was one of the most successful sitcoms in all of television. The popularity of the series in the ’70s made bonafide stars out of its cast. Richie Cunningham actor Ron Howard was already famous for portraying Opie on The Andy Griffith Show. But he and the rest of the cast became household names while starring in the sitcom.

As the show began to take off in 1974, Howard and his character’s three best friends in the series made an appearance on The Mike Douglas Show. Potsie actor Anson Williams, Ralph Malph actor Don Most, and fan favorite Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli actor Henry Winkler all sat down with Douglas.

In old footage from the interview, Douglas invites audience members to ask the Happy Days cast some questions. One young woman stood up and asked each of the guys if they were in love with anyone. Unfortunately for many of the young women in the crowd, the boys

The ‘Happy Days’ Cast Reveals Their Relationship Status

Anson Williams immediately chimed in after the young woman finished asking her question about their personal relationships. The actor said he fell in love while in Detroit just a few days prior. The Happy Days star wasn’t joking around either. He met someone special while at an event with the cast and said he hoped to continue their romance going forward.

Many fans of Ron Howard will know about his love story. He joked he’d been in love a bit longer than Anson since he and his girlfriend had been together for four years. The couple fell in love in high school and have been together ever since. Ron Howard married high school sweetheart Cheryl Alley one year later in 1975, and they’re still going strong to this day.

As for Happy Days actor Don Most, you could file his relationship status at the time under “complicated.” He shared that he’s been serious with someone for a little over two years. But halfway through their relationship they ended up in different cities with Most in Los Angeles and her in New York City. Therefore the actor revealed that they “go out with other people” as well. When pressed if he was in love with her, Most laughed and said, “I think so, I’m not sure.”

Finally, the host asked Henry Winkler about being in love, and Anson hilariously interrupted saying he’s in love “about 10 times a week.” The Fonzie actor joked that he fell in love with the girl in the audience that asked him the previous question. He said they’d be getting married soon and that she already has his life savings. Sounds like Winkler was enjoying his Happy Days fame for sure.