‘Happy Days’: What Star Cathy Silvers Did After the Sitcom Ended

by Amanda Glover

Cathy Silvers did a swell job at playing Jenny Piccalo in the hit sitcom, Happy Days. But what has she been up to since the series ended?

The former Happy Days actress stopped acting in the 1960s. The show premiered on January 15, 1974, and came to an end on September 24, 1984. Wow, it’s been almost 40 years! Unlike her old costars, Ron Howard and Barry Winkler, Silvers has stayed out of the public eye for a while.

Although she has been through two divorced, Silvers shared her current relationship status with ‘Pop Geeks’. “I’m pushing 60 and sadly have been through two divorces now, but I’m very happily dating a wonderful man who’s a trail runner. I have a wonderful life, and I have five beautiful children,” she said.

She joined the show for its later seasons at 19-years-old. Happy Days was her first major television role, but she stared in others back in the day. She played Molly in Foley Square and Coral in Cleghorne. She also had guest-starring roles Wings and Punky Brewster. It looks like her last credited role was as Susan in the 1997 movie, Encino Woman. Her father also stared in a classic sitcom in the late 1950s, The Phil Silvers Show.

Cathy Silvers participated in an interview with ‘Pop Geeks’ in February 2021. The 60-year-old retired actress revealed she would be willing to act again if it meant bringing back Jenny! “I haven’t worked in so many years. I think the ultimate role would be to play Jenny again as an adult,” she told interviewers.

Cathy Silvers is SO Much like Her Character Jenny

When Silvers began acting on Happy Days, she was constantly shaking from nerves. “When I did my first show on Happy Days, I was shaking so hard Henry Winkler had to take me in his arms and literally lift me off the ground and just hold me, to stop my body from shaking. It was pitiful … everyone was welcoming, and of course, it got much better after a while. But nobody could’ve helped me that first year. I was very nervous,” she said.

Even though Silvers admitted to being extremely and shy and nervous starting on the show, she was able to fall into the role after realizing the character was so much like her. Luckily, the role came easier to her once she realized all she had to do was be herself.

“Jenny was so like me it’s frightening … honest, obnoxious and with an answer for everything,” Cathy told Garnett News in 1985.

Once she grew more comfortable with the character, she decided Jenny had room for growth. “It is fun to play Jenny because there’s so much room for growth. I would like to make her into a more settled human being, a more normal girl. I’d like to calm her down as she gets into the show.”