‘Happy Days’: What Was Pat Morita’s Last Episode on Show?

by Joe Rutland

Pat Morita had a great run on “Happy Days” as Arnold, owner of the popular drive-in characters visited. When was the last episode for Morita?

According to the show’s IMDb listing, it was the first show of the ABC sitcom’s Season 11. Titled “Because It’s There,” the plot revolves around Fonzie, played by Henry Winkler, shocking his friends by throwing away his leather jacket. Why? Well, “The Fonz” found a note taped to the bottom of the old cookie jar. It held the last three cookies his mother did for him before deserting him. Fonzie told them why she left.

Pat Morita appeared in 27 episodes of “Happy Days” as Matsho “Arnold” Takahashi between 1975-76 and 1982-83. The actor left in 1976 to star in a sitcom called “Mr. T and Tina” that lasted only one season on ABC. Morita would go back and play Arnold for one more season between 1982-83.

Movie fans know him from “The Karate Kid” movies where he played Mr. Miyagi opposite Ralph Macchio.

Morita also had appearances in TV shows like “Sanford and Son,” “Kung Fu,” “Cannon,” “Police Woman,” and “M*A*S*H.”

The actor died on Nov. 24, 2005, at 73 years old.

‘Happy Days’ Star Talked About What It Was Like To Play Opposite Ron Howard

Everyone who’s ever seen “Happy Days” knows that Ron Howard was the show’s top star for many seasons. When he was talking with the Television Academy Foundation in a 2000 interview, Pat Morita shares his thoughts about him.

Morita is asked about Howard and he said, “Ron, I think, Howard is going to have a future one day.” That was said with a straight face, then Morita started laughing.

He said that Howard was the only person he ever met who went to film school.

Morita said Howard waited patiently to use his lessons wisely.

“Ronnie really deserves all the success that he’s worked for,” Morita said.

Then he offered up a sweet story about bumping into Howard in London years after “Happy Days” ended.

Morita and his family were there on vacation, and his wife and daughter went shopping. Well, Morita was having tea and, all of a sudden, Howard walks into where Morita was sitting.

He called out to Howard and both actors reconnected all afternoon long.

Morita also had high praise for Winkler.

“I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never said this to anyone before,” he said. “But watching Henry be The Fonz and turn it on and turn it off and do it and make the kinds of decisions that you make when you’re building a character when you’re building a story… God, he was the best at it.”