‘Hawaii Five-0’ Fans Think One Scene Was Too Much

by Taylor Cunningham

Heartbroken fans thought that one Hawaii Five-0 scene was a complete failure that senselessly tortured one of their favorite characters.

That scene took place during a Season 10 episode titled I ho’olulu, ho’ohulei ‘ia e ka makani. During the story, Danny Williams meets a woman at a bar who appears to be his soul mate.

After the two hit it off, they decide to head back to Danny’s place. But unfortunately, the couple does not live happily ever after.

As Danny drives her home, he swerves to avoid an oncoming car and they crash. The woman gets seriously injured. And because they’re in the middle of nowhere, the detective has no cell service and can’t call for help.

So during a major sob-fest moment, Danny holds her in his arms, and she dies. And he never even learns her name.

On its own, the scene is devastating. The writers really knew how to play with their viewers’ emotions. However, it is particularly heartbreaking because the loss affected a Hawaii Five-0 fan-favorite.

During the seasons that preceded the fateful episode, Danny Williams had already gone through a messy divorce and had to overcome the murder of his partner. So because of all the trauma, it just seemed mean to put him through that unnecessary situation.

But creator Peter Lenkov had already given himself a reputation of being cruel.

“Another go for PL to punish the character,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Detective Danny Williams was steadfast and loyal to his teammates and always did the right thing. So when Hawaii Five-0 made him go through hell just for the fun of it, audiences weren’t amused.

In fact, with 6.8 IMDb user rating, ho’olulu, ho’ohulei ‘ia e ka makani is the lowest ranking episode out of all 230 that aired.

“That was a weak episode,” one fan wrote on the IMDb page. “Danny deserved better than that.

People Thought That the ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Episode was an All-Around Failure

Non-sensical trauma aside, fans thought that the writing was completely out of character for Danny. So they couldn’t even believe that the romance was real. And some of the people thought other aspects of the story were off, too.

Because Danny was infamous for his stand-offish and sarcastic personality, a lot of people thought the whole scenario was a seeming Twilight Zone for the series. He’d never fall in love with a stranger.

And people also couldn’t help but notice that his first aid tactics were wrong and no one bothered to investigate the death.

“They could not have filmed this and thought they did a good job,” someone else added on IMDb. “Watching Danny, who is supposed to be a master of crisis, sit with a dying victim and not find a better way to get help but run up and down a hill missing cars was ridiculous. Then when help arrives he finally decides to walk down the road but now just leaving an unidentified dead victim and his crashed car?!? Yeah that will go over well. Wow what a horrible episode!”